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Replay: Best of Patriots Radio Thu Jun 01 - 03:45 PM | Tue Jun 06 - 11:55 AM News Blitz - 5/9/2007

Hobbs hobnobs with the media, a new Randy Moss debate...versus Deion Branch, and the Patriots Cheerleaders take some pretty pictures. Get all your details in today's News Blitz.

We've Mossed, missed you, Ellis.

As you may have already read or heard here on, loquacious cornerback Ellis Hobbs took questions from select media members Wednesday. And as always, he didn't disappoint.

Hobbs touched on numerous topics, including his healing wrist, the motivation he derives from the Pats loss to Indy in January, and his many new teammates.

Meanwhile, the debate over Randy Moss continues. One NFL columnist questions why New England signed him. Other football observers ponder the question: Who's the team to beat? and have differing opinions.

Elsewhere, with the addition of Moss, how will that affect Tom Brady's fantasy rankings? Positively, says

And finally, fantasy football of a different kind. Fans had a chance to accompany the Patriots Cheerleaders as the girls shot their 2008 swimsuit calendar at a Caribbean resort. A photo gallery is included in today's Boston Globe feature.

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