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Official website of the New England Patriots News Blitz - 5/9/2008

In today's News Blitz... Former Patriots take a tour of the Hall at Patriots Place being constructed at Gillette Stadium.

Former Patriots Drew Bledsoe, Willie McGinest, Scott Zolak and Todd Rucci were on hand yesterday for a tour of the team's new Hall of Fame being built at Gillette Stadium. They later recorded stories from their playing days for a unique fan experience that will debut when the Hall at Patriot Place opens. Bledsoe and company reminisced about their time with the team and offered their impressions on the Hall with a media contingent that was also present for the tour.

"It's very impressive. I'll be excited to come back and check it out when it's done. It'll be fun to bring my family back. My kids will absolutely dig it," said former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe.

The tour of the Hall at Patriot Place also made an impression on former Patriots linebacker Willie McGinest.

"This is definitely something special the Kraft family and the organization put together as a tribute to say this is why we are where we are," McGinest said. "It's a great experience to bring the fans in, to bring the people in who don't know what goes into it. To share something special. It keeps us a part of the sport long after we retire and not playing anymore. It gives us a home to come back to, and say, 'I've got a piece of history here. I put a brick in that building there.' "

Check out the *Sun Chroncicle* * and the **Boston Herald* to read more on the former Patriots visit to Gillette Stadium.

The Boston Herald's Inside Track reports that several Patriots were on-hand for the Celtics playoff game last night. Kevin Faulk hosted Steven Gostkowski, Laurence Maroney, Brandon Merriweather, Adalius Thomas, James Sanders and former Patriot Eugene Wilson in a suite above the action.

The Boston Business Journal reports that Joshua Kraft, the third of Robert and Myra Kraft's four sons, was named the new president and CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston. Kraft, who was chosen out of 250 candidates, will replace outgoing CEO Linda Whitlock, who had held the position for 10 years.

The Boston Globe reports that Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter has voiced his disapproval with the NFL's early stance regarding videotapes that former Patriots employee Matt Walsh turned over to the league yesterday. Walsh is scheduled to meet with Goodell Tuesday in New York, then will travel to Washington to meet with Specter. On Wednesday, Walsh certified in writing to the NFL that he was turning over all videotaping materials in his possession. The eight tapes turned over included signals of opposing coaches from games between 2000-02. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said, "This is consistent with what the Patriots had admitted they had been doing, consistent with what we already knew."

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