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Trying to make the squad, from both a veteran's and rookie's perspective. Plus, how Asante Samuel will affect the Pats' defense (if he's here or not).

With mini camp in the books (and not a sign of Asante Samuel), some media outlets are trying to predict what will happenif Samuel doesn't return to New England.

One particular newspaper seems to think the Pats will be just fine, with or without Samuel.

Meantime, punter Josh Miller is looking to rebound after an injury-shortened 2006 season.

This summer, Miller will likely face challenges from second-year players Danny Baugher and Tom Malone, both of whom have been punting in NFL Europa this year.

"But if I'm healthy, I personally think I'm one of the top guys in the league. So I don't care what happens," a seemingly unfazed Miller said last week after mini camp concluded.

"So I don't care what happens. As long as I'm healthy, I don't care who's here, or who they bring in.

Then there's the other extreme.

Rookie running back Justise Hairston is just trying to make the leap from Division I-AA to the NFL. He told the Boston Herald last week that he's watching closely what veterans, like Kevin Faulk, do on and off the field.

"Kevin's been in the league eight years and he's been very successful. Now I can see why he's had that success. This guy comes out every day, he knows everything. He knows what the receivers do, what the fullbacks do, he knows the blocking schemes of the offensive line. He's making the calls before the offensive line sometimes. It's cool to see, because you can see how he's grasped the offense."

And The Boston Globe has a story on how the Patriots are helping lead the NFL in the emerging world of digital media.

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