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In today's News Blitz...  The Patriots shop-'till-you-drop approach this offseason lands New England on a top-five list of teams that did the most to improve their club.  We take a look at where the Patriots stand with the salary cap.

New England took the shop-'til-you-drop approach this offseason with the signing of linebacker Adalius Thomas, wide receivers Donte Stallworth and Kelley Washington in addition to trading for wide receivers Randy Moss and Wes Welker. These moves landed the Patriots at number one on *'s * list of the top-five teams that did the most to improve their club.

According to the Boston Globe, the Chicago Bears recent signing of cornerback Nathan Vasher to a five-year, $28 million deal may potentially lower the asking price on the new contract Patriots cornerback Asante Samuel is seeking. Vasher has posted similar numbers to Samuel with 16 regular season interceptions.

Wondering where the Patriots stand with the salary cap? The Boston Globe's Mike Reiss notes in his blog that the Patriots are approximately $7.1 million under the cap.

*Tulsa World * offers a feature on Patriots tight end Garrett Mills who looks to make an impact in his second season with New England after an injury marred rookie campaign. ranks the top 25 NFL wide receivers. New England Patriots wideout Randy Moss made number 10 on the list.

Call to the Hall
More than 40,000 fans have cast their vote for the next Patriots Hall of Fame player. Have you cast your vote yet? The finalists are running back Ron Burton (1960-65), tight end Ben Coates (1991-99), and wide receiver Stanley Morgan (1977-89).

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