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Training camp previews, position analyses, and the mental focus of players and coaches are all covered in today's News Blitz.

This week marks the start of a new football season here in Foxborough. Rookies report today followed by the rest of the team on Wednesday. And with training camp opening Thursday, there are still many questions that will need to be answered.

The *Standard Times *also takes a look at some other training camp issues, which include the health and production of Tom Brady'soffensive line and how **Laurence Maroney **is using a video game to his competitive advantage.

Meantime, one of Bill Belichick'sbest traits as a coach, according to a *Providence Journal *story, is his ability to keep players focused.

The *Enterprise *also sought other players' reactions to being back in training camp.

With the players seemingly mentally prepared to move on from last season, where do they stand at their individual positions? With Pro Bowlers like Tom Brady and Randy Mosslocked in at their spots, the Eagle-Tribune tells us about some possible suprises that we may see once training camp comes to an end. The Providence Journal also offers its analyses on the position breakdown for the Patriots this year.

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