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In today's News Blitz, read up on Jabar Gaffney, Matt Cassel, and 14 year veteran Marcus Pollard.  Also, how does a new rule benefit defensive signal-callers?  

Overlooked or underrated? In the eyes of those within the Patriots organization, WR Jabar Gaffneyis neither. "When he gets an opportunity to be productive and make plays, you can count on him to make them. He's done that for a year and a half now. He's doing the same thing in camp," said head coach Bill Belichick in a* Boston Globe *article.

Gaffney, himself, appears to be comfortable in his current role, having this to say about being a part of the potent Patriots offense.

During the opening days of training camp, Gaffney has been halling in passes from back-up QB Matt Casselas well as Tom Brady.

One of the many storylines from Pats camp this year is the battle for the number two job behind Brady. However, Cassel, as the imcumbent back-up believes he has a solid understanding of the intricate offense.

The *Metro West Daily News *has piece on Patriot new-comer Marcus Pollard.

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