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Highest paid Patriots, Moss on the rise, and the Kraft family's view from the top highlight today's News Blitz.

The numbers are lottery-like. Better, in fact.

Imagine hitting the Powerball and getting the lump-sum check mailed to your house or direct-deposited to your bank account.

That's how the NFL's highest-paid players must feel. In an interesting story today, USA Today has compiled a list of the league's top money-makers from last season. Two Patriots, Tom Brady and Richard Seymour, are in the top ten, and one of them is number one overall.

Meanwhile, has come up with their own list: The NFL's top owners, from best to worst. It should come as no surprise to Pats fans that New England's Robert Kraft is ranked at the very top, along with son Jonathan.

Wide receiver Randy Moss continues to see his value rise. Fantasy experts are putting him near the top of their lists, while says he's one of five players who could turn his team's season into a great one.

And finally, during an appearance on the radio this week, head coach Bill Belichick made some brief comments about the status of running back Laurence Maroney. A quote can be found on today.

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