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In today's News Blitz... Belichick's two-a-day strategy gets a look.

The Boston Globe's Jerome Solomon offers a report on Belichick's two-a-day strategy. Sticking with the number of the day, Solomon shifts gears to take a look at the two quarterbacks fighting for a spot, and he explains that two could be the number of quarterbacks on the roster this year.

*Boston Globe* staff writers, Mike Reiss and Jerome Solomon, report that CB Eric Warfield is off to a slow start, While RB Corey Dillon and the kicking competition are already out of the blocks and rounding the first bend.

Boston Herald writer, Michael Felger raises wideout questions, and the Herald sports staff puts all the ducks in a row to see who'll be flying down the sidelines if injury should arise.

John Tomase, from the *Boston Herald *takes an early look at the kicking competition to fill Adam Vinatieri's size 14s. Aparently neither Gostkowski nor Gramatica is a shoe-in. In a related article the Herald sports staff lines the raw data up side-by-side to see which kicker did better yesterday.

Tomase also offers a story explaining why RB Corey Dillon is a nine out of ten. "I'm a nine all day," said Dillon yesterday. "You can't tell. Are you kidding me? Old man looks good, for sure."

*Herald* columnist Micheal Felger analyzes safety Eugene Wilson's potential move to cornerback, sees safety Artrell Hawkins finding a spot when the dust clears.

Boston Globe writer Mike Reiss keeps his blog updated with alarming frequency, reporting that the music fans will be hearing at today's training camp has been taken from the Ipods of this year's offseason ironmen.

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