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Updates on Kevin Faulk's court case in Louisiana and the Patriots Cheerleaders' latest trip to China. Plus, the NFL is beefing up security, and some preseason predictions for the Super Bowl, all in today's News Blitz.

Patriots running back Kevin Faulkis making good on a mistake he made earlier this offseason.

Today's *Boston Globe* and *Boston Herald *have details on the conclusion of Faulk's misdemeanor drug charge in Louisiana.

As we first showed you last week, the Patriots Cheerleaders are going to have a hand in the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in China. Some members of the squad are in the Beijing area right now helping a select group of Chinese dancers master the moves they'll be performing at the Games next month.

Elsewhere today, the NFL has hired a former Pennsylvania Police Chief to increase security around the NFL.'s story cites the Patriots as one of the driving forces behind this move.

And finally today, is it too early to start thinking about the Super Bowl? Not for some members of the media. *USA Today *reports on who several preseason NFL magazines think will win it all this season. Find out what they think of the Patriots and why they believe there is no clear cut Super Bowl winner.

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