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In today's News Blitz, Stephen Gostkowski, a rookie out of Memphis, is set to be the Patriots sole kicker with Gramatica now out of the picture. Vince Wilfork talks, as does Reche Caldwell.

The Boston Globe's Mike Reiss offers a story on the release of kicker Martin Gramatica. Included are quotes from before Gramatica's release by the Patriots yesterday. Stephen Gostkowski and Bill Belichick both voice respect for Gramatica. It's likely that he was released so early to give him time to find another team.

The Boston Herald's John Tomase shares a similar story, which includes quotes from an interview with Gostkowski before practice yesterday. Kevin McNamara of *The Providence Journal* offers one too.

*The Globe's* Patriots Notebook includes an interview with Johnathan Sullivan concerning his arrest, Center Dan Koppen about his shoulder and Monty Beisel.

Don't forget to check out Mike Reiss' blog.

The Boston Herald held an online vote yesterday, in which 3000 people participated. An overwhelming 76 percent believed the Patriots should let Junior Seau wear Willie McGinest's old number 55. It's a good thing, because that's the only number we've seen him wearing at Gillette Stadium.

The Herald's John Tomase also offers a story about the drama surrounding Johnathan Sullivan. Sullivan knows about the bad rap he's been given, but what really burns him is the belief that he's a drug user. "People are saying I'm on drugs and doing drugs and dealing drugs," Sullivan said. "I've never ever been associated with drugs. My record's clean. I offered to take a drug test right then and there at the scene."

The* Herald* also reports that ESPN Radio Boston (AM-890 and AM-1400) is rolling out “Patriots Friday" to cash in on mounting interest in the team before the Patriots weekly Sunday showdown. The new show, which will feature interviews with Patriots players under a deal with the team, is a coup for ESPN Radio Boston, which is struggling to compete in the shadow of WEEI (AM-850), the area's dominant sports talk radio giant.

The *Herald's* Patriots Notebook includes stories on Monty Beisel and Vince Wilfork as well as notes on Chad Brown.

*The Providence Journal's* Patriots Notebook includes a story on the potency of the Patriots tight ends and an interview with Reche Caldwell, who has been very tight lipped for much of the preseason.

Todd Mortenson came and went pretty quietly, leaving Corey Bramlet the third quarterback behind a maturing Matt Cassel and a seemingly invincible Tom Brady. *The Worcester Telegram & Gazette* raises the question: Do the Patriots need a third QB? After all, if they stuck with two, that would obviously open up room for one more player in another position.

Chris Kennedy of The Republican offers a story on the tight ends. This talented group is sure to play a vital role in the Patriots offense this year. Daniel Graham voices his opinions on the subject.

*The Patriot Ledger* discusses Junior Seau's fit on the team. He's trying to learn as much as he can as fast as he can, which leaves little time for surfing.

The Patriot Ledger also offers a story on Dan Klecko's role on the team. Klecko wasn't seen at practice yesterday. Although he's still a versatile player, Klecko is glad to just be working with the defensive line, saying, "It is nice to just focus on D-line, to get back to the basics of D-line and have to play that and not have to worry about outside linebacker, inside linebacker, fullback."

*MetroWest Daily News* writer Albert Breer has a piece on defensive powerhouse Vince Wilfork.

Also, check out USA Today's Inside Slant for a view on the Patriots updated weekly.

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