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Replay: Best of the Week on Radio Thu Jul 18 - 02:00 PM | Tue Jul 23 - 11:55 AM News Blitz 9/14/04 News Blitz brings you up to date with all the latest news from the local media.

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**Nick Cafardo** of The Boston Globe looks ahead to Sunday's showdown with the Arizona Cardinals. The Patriots will make a break from their usual travel schedule in an effort to prepare for the Arizona desert, where temperatures are expected to top the century-mark. "Though he is never one to make much of the elements his team must play in, Bill Belichick must be somewhat concerned about the desert heat he will face in Tempe Sunday, because he will take the Patriots to Arizona Thursday after practice to get them acclimated," writes Cafardo.

Cafardo also previews the game as a possible trap for the Patriots. "[Cardinals Head Coach Dennis Green]'s been around long enough to know that every young team has its defining moment when it proves it's ready to win. Nothing would get the Cardinals closer to that moment than upsetting the world champions," Cafardo writes.

**Michael Parente** of The Woonsocket Call sees some of the same things as Cafardo, writing that the game will not be as lightly-contested as many seem to think it will be. "When the schedule came out, this game didn't look all that interesting, but with Green running the show in Arizona, the Patriots can expect a battle - regardless of whether they win or lose," Parente writes.

**Jim Donaldson** of The Providence Journal does not agree. Donaldson sees the Cardinals the way many do, as the league's doormat. "When Patriots coach Bill Belichick tells you this week that the defending NFL champions have plenty to fear from the perennially downtrodden Cardinals come Sunday in Tempe, you should take his comments with not merely a grain of salt, but an entire shaker," writes Donaldson.

**Rich Thompson** of The Boston Herald notes the inconsistency that plagued the Patriots defense in the red zone against the Colts. Though they made some big plays defensively in the red zone, they also gave up a few. "The key defensive plays should have resulted in a Pats blowout. But the Patriots surrendered three touchdowns on plays initiated inside their own 10-yard line," Thompson points out.

**Mike Reiss** of The MetroWest Daily News has today's notebook. Among the topics discussed are the impending Arizona heat, and Belichick's radio interview yesterday on WEEI.

In The Hartford Courant, **Alan Greenberg** has a feature on Randall Gay. "Gay is the only rookie free agent to make the defending champion's 53-man roster, but he is hardly lonely," writes Greenberg. Like tailback Kevin Faulk, quarterback Rohan Davey, defensive lineman Jarvis Green, defensive end and second-round pick Marquise Hill and practice squad linebacker Derrick Alexander, another rookie free agent, Gay already has buddies around because he played at LSU."

Finally, check out, where **Pete Prisco** does a Week 1 recap. Within the recap, Prisco mentions both the continuing improvement of Tom Brady and the seemingly gaping hole left by the departed Ted Washington.

If you enjoy News Blitz, you might want to check out where Bruce Allen also offers links to what the media is saying about the Patriots as well as the other Boston sports teams. Allen also includes commentary on the media and does a good job holding everyone accountable.

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