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In today's News Blitz, There's lots to look at in the upcoming game against the Broncos. The Patriots offensive line gets a look.

Mike Reiss of *The Boston Globe* reports that the 11-up blitz, a defensive play often used in goal line packages, has given the Patriots some noteworthy trouble. Reiss explains the scheme.

*The Boston Globe*'s Mike Reiss also takes a look at Tom Brady's performance thus far. Brady is a career 61.9 percent passer, but he's at 50 percent so far in the regular season.

Carol Beggy of *The Boston Globe* offers a piece on Patriots tailgaters. Ken Prue, who has been coming to games for 35 years, says that tailgating has gotten more elaborate. ``It's the whole family. We have a big meal out here and then go in and enjoy the game," he said.

*Boston Herald* writer John Tomase takes a look at one of the more memorable plays from the last time the Patriots played the Broncos. He breaks it down with the playmaker, Champ Bailey.

John Tomase of The*bes Herald* also takes a closer look into the trenches, examining a play that got Logan Mankins ejected last season. Included are new quotes from both sides of the altercation.

Toni Massarotti of the *Boston Herald* takes a look at the Patriots offensive line. The crew has blocked well for what is presently the third-best rushing offense in the NFL. They'll face off against Denver's front seven on Sunday.

The* Boston Herald*'s Patriots Notebook explains that former Patriot Cedric Cobbs, now with the Broncos, spoke negatively of coach Belichick recently. Also included: some info on Corey Dillon and quotes from Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan.

Toni Massarotti of The* Boston Herald* explains that Broncos QB Jake Plummer has a rating of 38.6 coming into the third week of the season, but coach Belichick isn't underestimating his ability.

*The Providence Journal*'s Shalise Manza Young takes a look at the role turnovers played in the Patriots 27-13 postseason loss to the Broncos in their last meeting.

Shalise Manza Young offers *The Providence Journal*'s Patriots Notebook, which includes stories on Ben Watson, whom Shanahan complimented Wednesday, and Tom Brady.

Alan Greenberg of the *Hartford Courant* discusses the strength of the Pats defensive line. The team has been using a 4-3 defense more to make use of the depth.

Jennifer Toland of the *Worcester Telegram & Gazette* explains that Tom Brady isn't thinking about the last time he played the Broncos. He's looking forward.

Toland also offers an interview with Tedy Bruschi. "It felt good," Bruschi said yesterday before heading out to practice. "It was nice to play football again, make some plays, take on a few blocks. I felt comfortable out there."

Mark Farinella of the *Sun Chronicle* takes a look at the Pats last meeting with the Broncos and the role revenge will play in this week's game.

Michael Parenti of the *Woonsocket Call* takes a look at the nicknames given to running back pairs in the past and wonders when Maroney and Dillon will get theirs. Parenti analyzes the Pats improved running game.

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