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LIVE: Eliot Wolf Pre-Draft Press Conference Thu Apr 18 | 09:55 AM - 10:30 AM News Blitz 9/24/04 News Blitz brings you up to date with all the latest news in the local media.

**Nick Cafardo** of The Boston Globe features offensive coordinator Charlie Weis, widely-considered to be among the finest assistants in the league. "It won't be long before speculation of Charlie Weis's future employment will begin trickling out," writes Cafardo. "He is a fascinating figure -- an offensive coordinator who has worked for Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick, the guy who took Tom Brady to two Super Bowls in three years."

With the Patriots enjoying their bye week, **Jim McCabe** of the Globe previews the other games on the NFL docket.

In The Boston Herald, **Michael Felger** also looks at Charlie Weis. "Weis will be watched closely this season," writes Felger. "He remains a front-runner for an NFL head-coaching job, and his agent put more pressure on his shoulders this spring when he said that Weis, who is in the final year of his contract, was underpaid and would leave the Pats whether he got a head coaching offer or not."

In his notebook, Felger checks in on defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel's outlook, Patrick Pass' reaction to some harsh words said about him quoted in Michael Holley's new book, and the boost expected from Kevin Faulk's return to the lineup.

**Tom Curran** of The Providence Journal spotlights the offensive line, always an unheralded group. "Often underrated is the work of the Patriots' offensive line," writes Curran. "It's been that way for the Big Uglies probably since the game began. Nobody knows who blocked for Jim Thorpe or Red Grange. There's little discussion about the guys who kept Dan Marino upright all those years."

In his notebook, Curran discusses Richard Seymour's early play, the rotation of offensive linemen, and the two-pronged running attack set to unveil in Buffalo when Faulk joins Corey Dillon in the backfield.

**Ian Clark** of The Union Leader looks at Stephen Neal, who has returned from an injury that cost him nearly two full seasons. "Two weeks into the 2004 NFL season, and Neal not only made the Patriots roster, he is seeing significant playing time as part of an offensive line rotation," writes Clark. "As he ran onto the field to open the preseason last month, Neal knew he had made it back."

**Michael Parente** of The Woonsocket Call reports on Seymour, who has come under fire after a quiet first two games. "Belichick, who often deflects public criticism of his players, sees no difference in the way Seymour is playing and has continued to set the bar high for the superstar lineman. He expects the road to greatness to reopen soon," Parente writes.

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