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Replay: Best of Radio Thu Apr 18 - 02:00 PM | Tue Apr 23 - 11:55 AM News Blitz - 9/27/2010

In today's News Blitz... In Woodhead we trust, Brady's back on track, but D needs work.

These Patriots had this to say about New England's newest running back/wide receiver Danny Woodhead (39):

Bill Belichick: "Danny really did a good job. He came in here and really started grinding through it on Monday and then Tuesday -- the off day -- and Wednesday. He had a pretty good week. We put him in practice on Friday and he was pretty good on all of his assignments and everything he had to do. We didn't ask him to do everything, but I think he's working pretty hard at it. He picked it up pretty quickly. He seems like a smart guy." Watch Belichick's postgame press conference.

Wes Welker: "He's obviously a really good player. He made a lot of good plays for us, a lot of good runs. It was great to have a guy go out there and take some draw plays that went a good distance for us. ... Some guys have talked about him, the fact he's so small and they can't really see him behind there. He's real quick, and good vision, and he's a pretty powerful guy for his size. He definitely made some good plays for us."

The new-and-improved No. 39 ran for 42 yards on three carries, one a 22-yarder for his first career touchdown and another that setup the Pats' final score in the fourth quarter to seal a 38-30 victory over Buffalo. With everyone talking Woodhead, however, Dan the man himself could only talk about his new team.

"The linemen made great blocks; I did the easy part, which is just run it" Woodhead said on the 22-yard score. "The linemen did great, and the receivers and the tight ends -- I mean, you can't ask for better blocking as a running back. All I did was try to do my job.

"More than anything, it was good to help the team out. I'm not so concerned with getting my touchdown or whatever. I'm more concerned with getting the victory. We got the victory, that's the most important thing."

Read stories about Danny Woodhead in the *Boston Globe*, ** and the *Boston Herald*.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was 21-for-27 for 252 yards passing, including three TDs and no interceptions, yesterday. His offense put up 38 points against Buffalo--21 in the second half. But this was just another game for Brady, who maintains his concern lies between the wins and losses columns.

"You're trying to win the game," Brady said in response to how the Patriots won yesterday. "At the end of the year when you look at your record, going 'Oh that was a close game, it counts for a half a win.' A win's a win. It doesn't really matter if you win by 50 or by one. Because the following week, it really makes no difference how you did the previous week. It's like a chapter. Once this chapter's over, you move on. You don't sit there and reflect, 'Well last week we lost by 30. This week we won by seven, so we're still a crappy team.' No, you're 1-1. The goal is to win the game. It's really not a matter of 'That was a great looking win or that was a bad win.' You're trying to win."

Read stories about Brady in **, the *Boston Herald* and the *Boston Globe*.

Though the Pats' offense performed well, New England still only won by eight points with the D letting up 23 points to the Bills (Bills running back C.J. Spiller earned seven points off a kickoff return early in the second half), in the 38-30 win. Read **'s and the *Boston Herald*'s analysis of where the D went wrong.

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