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The talk of the football world is centered on Patriots QB Tom Brady and his injured left knee.

Was it a dirty play?

Bernard Pollard, the Kansas City Chiefs safety who caused Patriots QB Tom Brady'sknee injury Sunday afternoon, insists it wasn't.

"I tried to apologize to him," Pollard told *Sports Illustrated *after the game. "But I'm not sure he heard me. He was screaming.

"I tried to make a play, and Tom went down," he continued. "I knew something was wrong. He was in pain, screaming. The running back [Sammy Morris] was asking for a personal foul, but it definitely wasn't one, and the ref didn't give it to him. It was most definitely a clean play. It was an accident. It's tough. It's football. I'm sorry it happened, obviously. I can't do anything but apologize to him ... I'll pray for him."

New York's Newsday claims it has confirmed internal-link-placeholder-0.

If that's the case, the *Chicago Tribune *is asserting that the AFC is up for grabs now that Brady may be done for the season.

The *Boston Herald *sought reaction from some of Brady's teammates about the play. Morris, for one, wasn't sure if Pollard's actions were legit.

"Pollard came in, and as I was trying to let him get back up, he just kind of dove at his leg," Morris said. "That's really all I saw, initially I thought it was cheap], but like I said, [I have to look at the film to kind of figure out what exactly happened."

"To me, personally, it looked dirty to me," wide receiver **Randy Moss **said in a *Kansas City Star *blog entry. "When stuff like that happens, it opens eyes. That particularly situation, it opened my eyes."


So, what are the Pats' chances of winning here on out if they're without Brady? A *Boston Globe *column explores that question today.

There's more on the Chiefs' perspective on the Brady injury in the Kansas City Star.

And in a disturbing report from New York, where the Pats will play the Jets in Week 2 this Sunday, some fans apparently were cheering Brady's injury.

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