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In today's News Blitz... It seems less likely that Branch will miss much of training camp. reports that Jackson and Mincey have reached agreements with the Pats.

Ron Borges of *The **Boston Globe* offers a report on the specifics of Deion Branch's contract and explains that the fine for holding out during training camp will increase this year under the new collective bargaining agreement between the NFL Management Council and the NFL Players Association. He also gives a look at Vegas' preseason odds and more.

Uncertainty has gotten a pretty good toehold in New England. After several seasons of superiority, the Patriots have a boatload of questions to answer as they head into 2006. *The Providence Journal *lists 10 pivotal questions pertaining to the upcoming season.

In his daily blog, Mike Reiss of *The Boston Globe* offers analyses of the Pats D-line, outside linebackers and on-field specialists. Reiss also outlines Le Kevin Smith's contract.

John Clayton of ** reports that second-round pick Chad Jackson and sixth-rounder Jeremy Mincey have both come to agreements with the Patriots contract negotiators.

Ty Law and the Chiefs have reportedly reached a deal which would sign Law to a five-year contract with Kansas City. The *Kansas City Star*'s Adam Teicher breaks the story.

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