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Patriots Locker Room Quotes

New England Patriots players comment on their upcoming game against the New Orleans Saints from the team locker room on Friday, November 27, 2009.

Tully Banta-Cain, Linebacker
(On getting pressure against Drew Brees)
"It's huge. He's on fire right now. If you don't have any water to put it out, he's going to keep burning you up. Sorry for the analogy. But I think anytime you have a threatening quarterback like that the only way to beat them is pressure, and obviously the guys on the back end behind us doing the job and vice versa. We definitely have our hands full with him and everybody he has to go to."

(On how Brees has handled the blitz)
"He makes quick decisions, he has a quick release. So it's very tough and frustrating for a lot of defenses because you can get to him, and he's still getting the ball off and getting the ball into tight places. And the guys are still making the plays. It's a credit to him and the receivers making the plays, so you've just go to play even tighter."

Isaiah Stanback, Quarterback/Wide Receiver
(On splitting practice time at two positions and learning from Tom Brady and Randy Moss)
"I've been pretty privileged in my career to have played with some future hall-of-famers. Obviously, I had Terrell [Owens] down in Dallas and Jason Witten - I talk to him all the time, too. To now, obviously being here around those guys, it's a great atmosphere. They're both been great situations for myself."

(On whether Terrell Owens was helpful to him in Dallas)
"Very much so, I love T.O. I know that obviously he gets a bad wrap supposedly, but I was around him every day and I know the real T.O. He helped me out a lot, personally."

(On his path to playing in the NFL)
"Everybody gets humbled at some point in their life, not that I wasn't already humble, but you take a step back and say, 'OK, there were a lot of guys that didn't even get drafted.' They worked their butt off and now they're not playing. Me, I was fortunate to even get drafted because of my injury coming out of college. I had to work my way up to try to play and then get kicked back down to not being able to play. And then you work your way back up again. I have a lot of challenges in my life, but it's just trying to stay focused and try to get in the position where you can help out."

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