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Patriots Locker Room Quotes

New England Patriots players comment on their upcoming divisional game against the Buffalo Bills on Wednesday, December 16, 2009.

Ty Warren, Defensive Lineman
(On being able to effectively stop the run)
"It's been pretty good for the most part. The times that it hasn't been, you'd always like to get those back, but you can't be mad at where we are. There's still three more games to go, so you know as we always say around here, 'We can always get better.'"

(On how much Buffalo's offense has changed since Week One)
"I think that early on, there was a lot of talk about them going no-huddle. They tried some of that to hurry up the offense. Now, with the new coach there, they're not doing the hurry-up. They're doing a lot of two-tight end sets. Their backfield is the strength of that offense right now. There have been a lot of shovels on that offensive line, that's different with their O-line, with [Eric] Wood breaking his leg and right on down the line. Obviously, the running backs are the strength of that offense and they try to use that to their advantage. It looks like they're trying to get [Terrell] Owens and Lee Evans more involved and there are a lot of screen plays involved. And they really hurt us on those screen plays when we played them in Week One."

(On Vince Wilfork's ability at nose tackle)
"That's what he was born to do. And he does it well."

(On depth on the defensive line)
"You see Mike [Wright] step in there for me and Titus [Adams] came in there for Vince [Wilfork]. Like I said, that's the name of the game, if guys go down and another guy has to step in. That's why everybody has to know every position up there on the field."

Wes Welker, Wide Receiver
(On how the Bills' defense has changed since Week One)
"They're getting a lot of turnovers. They had a big turnover against us, but they've kept that streak going. I think they lead the league in interceptions and I think they have 25, or something like that. They're playing really good football, especially on their pass defense, so we're going to have to go out there, and be sharp on our routes and sharp on our throws, make sure we're protecting well and do all of those things."

(On December conditions in Buffalo)
"You have to be ready for any sort of conditions there. We get some bad conditions here, but it's even worse there and you've got to be ready for it."

(On Jairus Byrd's play)
"He's kind of a ball hawk back there. He's does a great job of reading the quarterback and breaking on the ball. He's a real opportunistic type of guy and he's always around the football. So you have to be weary of where he's at and make sure you're putting the ball in the right places and that you're running the right routes."

(On learning from mistakes made during the teams' first meeting this year)
"I think it just comes down to us executing. We had some unfortunate plays there in the first game, but we were able to overcome it in the end. But we won't be lucky this time around. We need to make sure that we're bringing it all together and know that they're playing some good football right now."

(On playing a late-season division game)
"Anytime you have a divisional game, it's key, especially down the stretch here and being where we sit. It's a tough game. We have to make sure that we're coming out and playing well, especially in the division."

Kevin Faulk, Running Back
(On differences in the Buffalo defense from the early season)
"They're playing better. They've got a lot of new guys on their team and they're playing a lot of different schemes that they didn't play in the first game that we played against them."

(On the conditions in Buffalo last year)
"All I remember was the wind that I've never experienced before in my life."

(On the importance of this late-season division game)
"Even though it's a divisional game that's not the reason why it's important. It's important to us because it's our next game. And any game that we play from hereon out is important because we have to win every game."

(On the importance of getting a win on the road)
"We need a road win because if we want to get where we want to get, we're going to need a win on the road."

(On what has eluded the Patriots while playing on the road)
"If you could put a finger on it, we wouldn't even be talking about it right now. It's one of those little things that you can't put a finger on it. You just have to go out there and continue to work hard and continue to play hard."

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