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Patriots on Boston Red Sox becoming World Champions

Patriots players commented on the Boston Red Sox winning the world series. See what they had to say!

Head Coach Bill Belichick

Q: Tell me what you think about the Red Sox World Series win. Do you have any advice for them with their rally tomorrow?

BB: I don't have any advice. I don't have any advice at all. I think it was great. I think they had a tremendous season. They had a lot of adversity. They were counted out somewhere there late in the summer. They came back and really played well when they needed to play well, down in the championship series, came back in unprecedented fashion to win on the road. You can't do any better than that. I have spoken with Terry [Francona] a couple of times, congratulated him at a couple different points in the playoffs. I think they have done a tremendous job-the players, the coaches, the organization. All they did is play better than anybody else. That's what it is all about. So, I think it is a great accomplishment and I am extremely happy for them. I know they have worked hard and I think they deserve it. I was in the dugout in preseason down there-whatever they call it in baseball-preseason, spring training, yeah, fruit league or whatever it is. Grapefruit, yeah, Grapefruit division. So, we were sitting down there in the dugout watching them play against the Orioles in, what was it, Fort Myers or whatever it was down there. That was before the season even started, and just talking to guys like [Derek] Lowe, [Curt] Schilling, [Tim] Wakefield, Francona, Pokey Reese, who played with [David] Patten in high school. I really enjoyed it. I thought it was a great group of guys, guys who really had a lot of-they were running out even in that preseason game. They were out there. When a guy hit a home run, the whole team would get out of the dugout and go out there and meet him at home plate, in March. There was something there that obviously they sustained and helped carry them. Plus they had a lot of guys that can hit, field and pitch. That helps too.

Q: Where did you speak to Terry? Did you call him or did he call you?

BB: [It was] phone tag.

Q: Did you give him any advice?

BB: No, I don't have any advice. Look, I don't know anything about baseball. The team that has the most runs, that is where you want to be.

Q: On how to handle the team?

BB: He doesn't need any help from anybody. The guy just won the World Series. I am the one who ought to be going to him for help.

Q: What do you remember most about the victory parade?

BB: There were a lot of people. There was a sea of people. As far as you could see and at points [it looked] like you just couldn't get another [person] in there. I remember it was cold, too. By the end, I lived. But it was cold.

Q: By the end, were you like, 'Get me off this thing?'

BB: No, it wasn't that bad.

Q: Was that amazing though? Because you know you have a lot of fans, but was that amazing to see that many people?

BB: You only see 60,000 of them here. It was amazing. It was amazing. I'm sure they were cold, too.

Q: How do you think it will compare with tomorrow?

BB: I have no idea. The only thing that worries me tomorrow is where our preparations are the day before the Steelers game and what we can do to beat Pittsburgh. That is really what I am concerned about.

Q: Do you remember who started the phone tag with Francona?

BB: Well, yeah, I did. I called him.

Q: Was it during the playoffs or after the playoffs?

BB: It was during them. I will get back to you with the phone records. I don' t know. I can't remember what day it was.

Q: Is there anything particular you wanted to tell him?

BB: That I thought he had done a great job, that it was going well and that there was a lot of support here from me and the rest of the team to the Red Sox and to say hello to a lot of the guys that we all know and have relationships with there. It wasn't any big hit and run strategy or anything.

Quarterback Tom Brady
"It is exciting for them to bring a World Championship back to Boston for the first time in 86 years. The way the players played they were obviously determined and courageous. They fought through a lot of adversity. That shows you the character of those guys and the team. I think everyone in this area is proud of them. It is great for the fans and the community because we know how much they encourage and support us and how much it means to us.

(On what to expect with tomorrow's victory parade) - "They are going to be blown away. The two times we have done it, it has been so unbelievable with the turnout. You don't realize how much of an impact our team and their team has on this area. It is evident when you go out there and see how many fans are out there to cheer you on, support you and thank you. It is a great opportunity for the guys to thank the fans, too.

Defensive End Richard Seymour
"They hung tough when the odds were against them. They continued to fight and believe and the fans still believed. They went out and got the job done."

(On what to expect with tomorrow's victory parade) - "I heard they are probably going to double the size that we had. I know we had a lot of people. It is going to be amazing."

Cornerback Ty Law
"Congratulations to all the guys. It has been a long time coming. We are proud of them. Hopefully we can duplicate that feat and follow them up. Everyone talks about our streak, but I think their streak is just as impressive, if not more impressive, to come back against the high-powered Yankees and do what they did. Their streak stands out a little bit more than ours does."

Defensive End Jarvis Green
"It is amazing what they have accomplished. We went there for Opening Day and it was so amazing. I had a chance to meet the guys and it gave me a reason to watch them because I knew the guys personally. I watched most of the last two series, every game. My hat's off to them for what they have accomplished. They were down 0-3 and the underdogs and it is something that no other team has done. They went 11-3 in the postseason. That's unbelievable."

Special Teams Captain Larry Izzo
"Congratulations. It was a joy watching you guys. Big-time players make big-time plays and you guys got it done. You brought a lot of joy to the region and we are really proud of you guys."

Kicker Adam Vinatieri
"Congratulations on doing a great job. It has been a long time. The fans were behind them all the way. Just to be able to get that victory and play the way they wanted to play. That is really cool."

Left Tackle Matt Light
"In one word - spectacular. Quite amazing, but spectacular is actually a better word."

Center Dan Koppen
"It was incredible. To come back from three games down to the Yankees while winning the last two in New York, and then putting together a string of four straight in the World Series. That's remarkable. They got hot at the right time. They have a great team there. I was rooting for them the whole way. I was glad to see them do it."

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