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Patriots pile up picks in first-round trade

A recap of New England's action on Day 1 of the 2013 NFL Draft.


Unlike recent years, the Patriots entered the 2013 NFL Draft with just one pick in the first round, when so often, like last April, they've had two.

This year, they wound up with none.

Minnesota made New England too tempting an offer to refuse. The Vikings sent the Patriots four extra picks in this year's draft in exchange for the 29th overall pick in the first round. As a result, the Patriots went from having just five picks to eight (for now).

New England received Minnesota's second-round pick (52 overall), third-rounder (83), one of their fourth-rounders (102), and a seventh-round choice (229).

"We had conversations with a few teams. This was an opportunity we thought made sense for us," director of player personnel Nick Caserio told reporters immediately after the conclusion of Round 1.

"We feel there are a lot of good players that are still available… We feel pretty good about going into tomorrow."

Caserio acknowledged that there were a few players the Patriots had in mind to select at 29, and some of them are still available. And now, with four picks heading into the second day of the draft, New England might be in a position to select them.

Owner Robert Kraft indicated before the first round started that there weren't a whole lot of players available in this year's draft who would be immediate impact players for his team.

"Everyone who is knowledgeable about this draft, it's not a draft that people consider real deep," Kraft said.

"It's going to be very hard for someone who gets drafted to come in and start on our team. You never know … maybe there are two or three players who have an opportunity to do that."

There was considerable chatter about the Patriots during the day in media circles, where Ryan Mallett's name was bandied about as a trade subject with the Cleveland Browns. Some reports indicated that New England was seeking at least a second round pick in exchange for their backup QB. Around mid-afternoon, though, another media report from the Cleveland area countered, saying the Browns were not interested in Mallett at all.

That trade never came to fruition on the first night of the draft.

There was a Patriots-related moment, however, on stage at Radio City Music Hall in New York. When New England's slot came up, former o-lineman Joe Andruzzi was brought to the microphone by Commissioner Roger Goodell to announce the team's pick. However, the trade with Minnesota made that aspect mute.

But that gave the NFL the opportunity to draw attention to the horrific events of last week's Boston Marathon bombing, during which Andruzzi helped take some victims to safety. Andruzzi got chocked up giving an emotional tribute to all the first-responders who helped protect the victims and the authorities who kept the city of Boston safe in the days afterward.

Chances are, there'll be at least one opportunity to announce a Patriots pick on Friday, when drafting continues with rounds two and three. The final day of picking begins at noon Saturday.

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