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Patriots Post Game Quotes

Bethel Johnson, WR(On his TD)It all happened pretty fast. I don’t know what coverage they (the Bills) were in but they were pretty much leaving me out there by myself the whole time.

Bethel Johnson, WR
(On his TD)
It all happened pretty fast. I don't know what coverage they (the Bills) were in but they were pretty much leaving me out there by myself the whole time. Tom just recognized it and threw it on in.

(On the season)
Improve every week and not be complacent because of where we are, just improve every week. Work on something different.

(On playing Buffalo)
Everyone knows there was additional incentive. We wanted to return the favor. That's what we've been playing for, to come back out and show them that first game wasn't really the Patriots. It was a whole different team they played this week.

(On his TD-saving tackle on special teams, asked if it was his "A" speed)
It had to be the "A" speed because that guy can run. There was pride on the line when you have a guy who is supposed to be fast and your supposed to be fast. He told me after the game that he thought everyone stopped running. I told him I would never stop running. There is a lot of pride on the line. Catching him was pride, that's all that was.

Larry Izzo, LB
(On his teammates and being 14-2)
We have a lot of guys in this locker room who know how to make plays and I was just glad to go out there and contribute to this win. This is now the second season, this is what it's all about. We've been there before, we have experience and we are pretty healthy. This is the best season I have ever been a part of but I know all year our goal is not for stats but to win a championship. We are all focused on the second season.

(Preserving the shutout)
All 53 guys on this team wanted to keep that zero on the scoreboard. It was nice to be able to make a big play and contribute to the shutout. You have to give credit to everyone in this locker room, it wasn't just one play, it was 60 minutes of football. Coming in in a back up role, you do not want to be the ones losing the shutout that the starters had worked so hard for.

(On the INT as opposed to his big hit)
It was my first career interception, but that hit felt pretty good. That kind of hit excites the guys.

Tedy Bruschi, LB
(On the playoffs)
As high as we are right now, tomorrow we have got to come down. However many we won in a row, the division title, it doesn't matter if we lose. The veterans are going to stress that around here starting tomorrow. I look at numbers and I have never been on a 14-win team before.

(On the shutout)
What irony! The same score, the goal line stand. Talk about payback, it was very similar. Our last play up there when we tried to run Antowain in, one of their backup-best special team kind of guys made the play. The play today was made by Larry Izzo, our best special team guy and back up linebacker. It's strange, but maybe that is just Foxboro magic working itself again.

Mike Vrabel, LB
(On the shutout)
Well it was important that we got the shutout, Larry made a great play to preserve it. Champions don't use that as motivation, the playoffs are a springboard to win another championship. Our focus was to match the intensity that they had the first week against us, and we wanted to do that early.

Damien Woody, OL
(On today's game)
It was a great feeling to get out there and put together a good game from the start. I thought we played pretty good against a very good defensive team. This is the game that you need going into the playoffs so you can build momentum. Everything we talked about doing before the game we ended up doing at the start. We actually get a chance to enjoy this because we do not know who our next opponent is going to be, we are going to savor this victory, and once we know who we are going to play then we will get back to work.

Christian Fauria, TE
(On today's game)
This is as close as we have gotten to playing a complete game both offensive and defensive side of the ball. I still think there is room for improvement and this is one game that we can look to build off.

Adam Vinatieri, K
(On the playoffs)
The Vets know how difficult it is to get here, the rookies are starting to understand that. It is good stuff because we will be playing our next game here at home. We are in a situation where we control our destiny. The next team will be a darn good team that will have to come here and beat a dang good team. We are enjoying the moment and come tomorrow it will be back to work again

Rodney Harrison, S
(On today)
We played well but we still have to do a lot of work. We had to step up and return the favor to the Bills, I am glad it happened.

Richard Seymour, DL
(On the season)
It has been an exciting season. For it to start the way it did and end this way is beautiful. The road to the Super Bowl goes through Foxboro.

Matt Light, OL
(On Buffalo)
It was poetic justice. It was just amazing! You could basically flip-flop today and go back 17 weeks and that is what happened to us.

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