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Patriots Post-Game Quotes

TY LAW – CB(On winning the game) We were very confident coming into the game, we weren’t overly confident, we definitely respect these guys, but we felt if we played together and played hard, and played for sixty minutes, we would win.


(On winning the game) We were very confident coming into the game, we weren't overly confident, we definitely respect these guys, but we felt if we played together and played hard, and played for sixty minutes, we would win. Vrabel, McGinest, and all the guys up front you have to give them just as much credit for those turnovers as I can get. We just play together, this is the ultimate team defense, and this is the ultimate team period, if we play together we feel like we can beat anybody.


(On the defense) We didn't want top give their receivers to much freedom. We got our hands on them and got their jerseys dirty.

(On you did as a team different this time against the colts) We didn't do anything totally new just some wrinkles because if you put something in totally new the week of a big game there is a possibility of some miscommunication. I think there were some wrinkles he put in there that I do not want to go into details but I think it helped us out a lot on offense running the ball with Antowain , him taking care of the ball and getting some points in the red zone.

(talk about your defensive line) Well Vrabel and Willie are unbelievable out there, they can be defensive lineman they can be linebackers out there that just adds to the what some of our guys on defense can do.

(They say this is a big play team is this true) I wouldn't say we are a big play team I think that today we just pounded it at them and special teams just was physical with them and on offense and defense and that was it.


(On scoring first) It was real important for us to go out there and establish the tempo. We didn't want to go out there and just run the ball and keep Peyton off the field, even though some of that comes into play when you have a lead.

(On Tom Brady) Tom never lets his emotions get in the way of the game. He is very passionate about what it takes to play the game. He will lead us the rest of the way. We knew we would have to keep their big guys off of Tom and we would have a good game.

(On Russ Hochstein) He had a great game. But it is like we have been saying all year, when someone goes down we have the back ups. We have the players. We have to step in and make the big plays because everyone here stays focused and works hard. It has been one of those seasons.


(On the Game) We just had to go out there and execute, put everything together and I think we did a good job of that.

Christian Fauria - TE

(On the offense) We new we could move the ball on them. We thought the mismatch was going to be our offense against their defense. I don't think the points showed how significant it was but in terms of how we moved the ball and the time of possession, I think it showed.

(On Harrison's INT) They were driving. They were coming right back to answer us. We got the ball back, the key part was we got those opportunities and we took advantage of them. We didn't always get touchdowns, but we took advantage of them.

Ty Warren – DT

(On going to the Super Bowl) Unreal, I can't explain how I feel. But we still have one more to go. Everybody did their job today and obviously it worked. This is a great team. We have the best set of guys and the best coaching staff. I feel very fortunate.

Richard Seymour – DT

(On the game) I think we had a lot of different guys step for us today. A lot of guys making plays. I think it had to be a total team effort and I can't say enough about our secondary and what they meant to this defense today. Ty Law had a big day for us. But that is something they had been doing all year long for us. Our game plan didn't change a whole lot. It had to be a total effort and that is what we did. Our ultimate goal is to be the best team in football. We accomplished a lot of our goals. But this is just another game on the way to our ultimate goal.

(On Harrison's INT) It was a big play for us. Right when we needed it. It seemed like they had a drive going. It stopped the momentum that they were starting to gain then Ty Law did the same thing. It's all about making plays when your number is called.

David Givens – WR

(On the offense) We feel we can move the ball and we can score against anybody. The Colts g=have a good defense but we did what we had to do as far as moving the ball down the field. Brady can hit his receivers. We thought we could have some good match-ups.

Deoin Branch – WR

(On the Super Bowl) This is the NFL and this opportunity doesn't come by a whole lot. We need to stay focused for one more game. It was so hard just to get here now we have to stay focused for one more game. Offense and defense work as one. Even my high school coach used to tell me that and it's true. I appreciate this so much.


(On the Game) We didn't do a whole lot that was different, maybe from a Offensive standpoint, Defensive, we continued to do what we do, we didn't throw any exotic packages at them, we executed the way we wanted to, we wanted to get some pressure on their wide receivers, and disrupt their timing, They got us a little bit on the running game, we wanted to contain Edgerrin, and he got loose on us, but it didn't hurt us that bad.

(On JARVIS GREEN) That's a guy , he doesn't get a lot of praise, he is a very humble and a very tough player and a great guy he deserves it.

(On going to the Super Bowl) This trip is a little more relaxed, because we got two weeks to get ready, the last time we were hectic, flying back to Pittsburgh, parade then going downtown, then getting to New Orleans, this time we have a little time to get ready.

(On this years team)I would like to say we got better over the last two years, we have got more recievers that can play, we have got five guys that have been stepping up every week. You never know who its going to be in that group. Our defense played outstanding as usual.


(On the this year Team) The similarities are that every week someone has to step up big and they do, and every week it is someone different, I look at it as there a lot of similarities and the ultimate similarity will be if we can get a victory. It is just one of those things we all have to go there and do our role.

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