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Patriots Postgame Quotes - 10/16/2011

New England Patriots players comment on their game against the Dallas Cowboys from Gillette Stadium on Sunday, October 16, 2011.

Brian Waters, Guard
(On if he would call the victory an ugly win)
"I would second that, without a shadow of a doubt. But I know that around here that's not anything new to be honest with you. I know there have been a lot of close games around here and as well for Dallas. It was to be expected to come down to the end."

(On if he received any grief this week, being from Texas)
"No, my people were pretty supportive. I had people wishing me good luck and I know they were probably torn, but my friends and family are pretty supportive. Being able to go home and have a little one-up is pretty good."

Aaron Hernandez, Tight End
(On the last drive)
"I had an in-route and [Rob] Gronkowski had an out-route and he's a great player so he drew the safety's attention and I came around and Tom [Brady] made a great throw and I just had to make the catch."

(On the offense finally coming together on the last drive)
"When you have a quarterback like Tom [Brady] anything can happen as long as there's time on the clock. He had enough time to get it done."

(On rhythm of last drive)
"We just got a lot of good players out there. We got Wes [Welker], Deion [Branch], Chad [Ochocinco], me, [and Rob] Gronkowski – so many weapons. It's tough to cover all of us especially when you have a quarterback who is going to put it in the right spot."

(On pulling through)
"We just knew it was time to step up. The type of players we have - everyone knows we have to step up and everyone stepped up."

Rob Gronkowski, Tight End
(On feeling a sense of relief after the big win)
"Yeah definitely. It is always great to get a win. No matter how you get the win – it's [still] a victory. It's the NFL, every team is good, [and] every defense is amazing - great victory, great team victory. The defense played outstanding."

(On two-minute drill)
"It's crazy - it's a lot of mental toughness. It's a lot of focus going down [the field]. That's your last chance going down and you got to do everything 100 percent. You can't make mistakes because if you do, that could be the game – just one little play. You definitely have to be mentally focused."

(On making mistakes, yet still pulling the victory out)
"Just the mental toughness, definitely. We just kept going out there. Even though we didn't have that many good drives, we had a chance at the end still and we accomplished it. The defense played amazing. Their mental toughness was off the charts. They were physical all game and making plays and stopping them all the time. "

(On if Tom Brady said something before the final drive)
"He really didn't need to say anything. Everyone just knew that was our last shot. We either get it done or we don't. We got it done and it was led by Tom and it was definitely a good drive down to get the W."

Kyle Arrington, Cornerback
(On the defense's performance late in the game)
"We wanted to stick together. You know, we definitely wanted to - the ups, the downs, you know - because it's a long year. So I think we do a great job of that. It's 'We all we got,' that's what we always say defensively. I think we just all banded together and left it all out on the field."

(On if he was thinking, "Please don't drop it" before he made his interception)
"You know, contrary to belief, my hands aren't all that bad [laughs]. We were trying to do a lot of disguise throughout the whole game, definitely early in the game as well. So I tried to give him a man-to-man look and came off and played zone. Right place at the right time."

(On holding the Cowboys to field goals in the red zone)
"That's definitely been a focal point in the defense since day one, since training camp. It's just great to see the hard work pay off like that."

Matt Light, Tackle
(On if he trusts Tom Brady to make the right decision during the two-minute drill)
"Oh yeah, I'm not too worried about that one. He usually makes a pretty good decision."

(On always being able to trust Tom Brady in late-game situations)
"Yeah, I can think all the way back to playing in Washington my rookie year. Tommy [Brady] taking control of that game and bringing us back. I don't think we actually won that one. But it was a close game and that was like really the first test and from then on, you know. Look, he's done a fairly good job his 10, 11 years, whatever it is."

(On if he could call Sunday's win an ugly win)
"Yeah look, we did a lot of things very poorly. And look, whether it was those guys just making great plays and having the kind of guys that can make plays like that or us just totally being asleep in certain situations. We've got to play better than that, we understand that. We can't turn the ball over like that. Those things happened and we overcame them and we got a win out of it. So I think, look, everyone battled back and played hard. These are the kinds of wins you want, but you don't necessarily want to be in those situations."

Andre Carter, Defensive End
(On which areas the defense needs to improve)
"I think usually just those long drives. The long drives have been a sometimes killer for us. It's starting to show more in the second half, toward the end of the second half. And maybe a little bit toward the end of the third quarter. So that's just something we've got to keep working on and continue to get better and we'll be in the right direction."

(On how good it felt to get two sacks after being close in previous games)
"It felt great. One thing that people don't understand, especially when it comes to sacks – sacks and coverage, everything else, it just comes hand in hand. So it's just something that we always talk about and discuss. It was just a blessing and I thank God and I just thank the 10 guys who were around to do their job. When the opportunity presented itself to make a play, we made a play."

(On if he did a long jump for his sack celebration)
"[Laughs] Yeah a high long jump. I don't know what it was, it just kind of sprouted up. That's my son, the Quincy jump [laughs]. I don't know how it happened, it just kind of happened, one of those things. Sacks are hard to come by, especially now that the league has changed so much. So the more you can get, the better."

Devin McCourty, Cornerback
(On the defensive effort)
"We talk about it all the time. Just keep giving our offense the chance. No matter what they do (the opposing team), if they score a touchdown, if they score two straight, or if they go three and out, anything that happens. We know that if we just keep giving them (the offense) the ball, good things will happen. I think they have proven that. As a defense that is our goal, keep giving them the ball off of turnovers, three and outs, anything. Just give that offense the ball."

(On the Dallas receivers)
"They are very tough. When you put them with a quarterback like Romo who is a gunslinger, he gets the ball to everybody. That's what really makes their offense tough and then you have two very athletic tight ends over the middle."

(On the growing confidence of the defense)
"Everybody on the sideline was saying that we need to go back out and get a stop. We don't have any doubt that if we get the ball back to Tom Brady with time left on the clock, we're confident that he will go down and get three or get seven, whatever we need."

Brandon Spikes, Linebacker
(On the final defensive stop)
"It was critical. All week have been trying to say that when there is sudden change, you have to stand up and answer. I think we did that. Overall on defense, guys flew around, we had some problems with tackling but getting all those hats to the ball, we took care of it."

(On the defensive effort today)
"It's just having our teammates backs. Sometimes things aren't going to go the way we want them to, and we just have to be there and do our job. Like I said, we were there to stand up and we got the job done. Anytime we get the opportunity to go out there and there is a sudden change, we want to come out holding them to three or getting the ball back and giving it to the offense."

(On missing part of the preseason)
"Absolutely. I missed a significant amount of time. Like I said, I just come here each and every day and try to get better. Each and every day just keep my mouth closed and try to be accountable for the defense. When my number is called I'm going to come out and play at a high level and cause a disruption. That's my whole thing when I'm on the field."

Deion Branch, Wide Receiver
(On the last drive did you think, we've been here before we can handle it.)
"Yes we have worked on this in practice and coach put us through a lot of different situations which this was one of them. I think the guys showed a lot of resilience on that drive and everyone stepped up and made the plays they were called upon and Tom doing his thing."

(On did the Cowboys do something different today to take Wes Welker out of the game plan.)
"No we just executed the plays which were called for this game and coach Ryan had his guys ready, they did a great job with the bye week and took advantage of it, made some plays and put pressure on the quarterback and I won't know until I watch the film but I know we made a lot of mistakes which kept us from scoring and I think this was our worst performance on offense and the two other teams stepped it up for us, defense did a great job and special teams did a great job."

(On after the last three and out did you think that you would get another opportunity)
"Yeah we knew we would have another shot at it, the defense did a good job. Dallas has a great offense and the defense did a great job stopping those guys and when we needed them the most they came through for us and we took advantage of that last drive and made it work."

Rob Ninkovich, Linebacker
(On do you feel that there is improvement on the defense since the beginning of the season)
"Definitely there is but I still think there are things we need to improve on. We will watch some tape and tighten up but I think that week to week as long as you're getting better that is all you can ask."

(On how it felt to help the offense tonight)
"With the offense having a few struggles out there it was good for us to go out and hold them to three and not give up seven points because it would have made a difference in the score and the outcome of the game of course."

(On how the defense defended Jason Witten)
"I just tried to get a jam on him anytime he was out on the field. When a receiver or tight end is trying to run his route he is not really thinking about getting hit so when you can get a shot on him you want to make the best of it. Every time I was able to get a hit I was trying to basically knock him [Jason Witten] down because you have to respect a guy like that because anytime you don't touch him he is going to run to the middle of the field and that is where Romo is going to go."

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