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Patriots Postgame Quotes - 10/9/2011

New England Patriots players comment on their game against the New York Jets from Gillette Stadium on Sunday, October 9, 2011.

Brian Waters, Guard
(On the Patriots moving the ball offensively)
"Whether it's five yards on a run or 10 yards on a pass, just to be able to move the ball and get first downs. When we have to play behind, that's when we get a little bit shaky. But, during the course of those long drives, just being able to move the ball is a great thing for us."

(On the challenges that the Jets defense presented)
"It's the same challenges they give every team every week. They're all over the place. They have a lot of good football players who are versatile and can play a lot of different positions. They have a smart defensive coordinator/head coach that really does a great job of mixing it up. They definitely make you think in addition to being a physical football team."

Aaron Hernandez, Tight End
(On getting a big win)
"Every win is a big win in this league. But definitely, against a rival like the Jets and they're in our division, so definitely a great win."

(On playing with a knee brace and getting advice from teammates who have done the same)
"Wes [Welker] told me it's going to feel a little weird, but when you're in the moment at a game with all them fans out there, national TV, you kind of forget about the brace."

(On if Tom Brady said anything to him after his drop on the goal line that led to an interception)
"No he always is positive. He said, 'Don't worry about it, let it go.' But obviously as a player, when you love the game, it hurts you. It will still bother me until this night is over. But like I said, you've just got to turn your game around and bring it back next week."

Devin McCourty, Cornerback
(On the defense's commitment to stop the run)
"Oh yeah, you have to. One thing about the Jets, they have a good offensive line and they've got running backs that – with Shonn [Greene] getting downhill and LaDainian [Tomlinson] and even with [Joe] McKnight being shifty – that if you don't stop the run, they can just rotate those guys and get a new look with each back. So we knew that was going to be important as a defense. That's always our goal and that's how we came into the game, focused on it."

(On what the defense did to slow down Mark Sanchez)
"Just doing different things. That's the good thing about playing here in New England, a guy like Coach [Bill] Belichick, he really focuses on doing different things. As a defense, we just try to stick to whatever game plan he comes up with. When we stick with it and go out there and execute it, we usually get good results."

(On if the defense's mission was to make sure Mark Sanchez never got comfortable)
"Yeah, I hope so. As a defense, you always hope that you can get a quarterback just never to get comfortable in the game. Because that's when, when quarterbacks get in their comfort zone, they start picking you apart. So each week we just try to do different things to keep them off the mark."

Deion Branch, Wide Receiver
(On his touchdown catch)
"It's a good play, we worked on it all week in practice. Obviously I wasn't the first read [laughs]. So I thank whoever didn't get open on the front side. But no, I think Tom [Brady] went through his progression. I think it was Wes [Welker] to Aaron [Hernandez] and then back to me."

(On the offense's last drive that took six minutes off the clock and sealed the game)
"Seven minutes. You're shorting us on one [laughs]. I think we practice four-minute offense a lot and that was a great case of it there. I think the best thing about it, seven minutes, like I said, is a long time. The front line did a great job of run blocking, because we pretty much just ran the ball. We threw one or two passes and we really didn't want to do that. I think the biggest thing was that we wanted to go into the game and be balanced. And I think we were today."

(On the offense not shying away from Darrelle Revis)
"Like I told you Friday, we're going to run our offense, regardless of who he's guarding. If it's Wes [Welker] and he's guarding Wes and the play is designed to go to Wes, we're going to try to get Wes the ball. Or if it's me. The guy's a great player, but the biggest thing is for us to go out and take care of our business and not worry about who's guarding who and what defense they're running. We just have got to go out and execute our plays."

Rob Gronkowski, Tight End
(On how the offense finished the game)
"That's always huge, too. You don't want to give them a chance to come back. Give them any small chance, any play, they can come right back and score a touchdown no matter what the play is. So you always want to close it out and not give them a chance."

(On if the last drive proved that the offense can kill the clock when they need to)
"Yes, definitely. That's what you need. When you need to kill the clock, it's huge to kill the clock because you don't want to give the Jets a chance to come back. They've got a great offense and giving them a chance is not good. So you just want to finish it off in the game and we did with the field goal."

(On BenJarvus Green-Ellis' performance)
"He's a great running back. He hits the holes well and everything. I love blocking for him."

Andre Carter, Defensive End
(On recording 7 series of holding the Jets offense to three plays and out for the defense)
"  This was definitely our best game and now we have to continue to get better. Unfortunately the Jets had a long drive in the 2nd quarter and that is unacceptable on my part, but overall this was a stepping-stone and we will just have to continue to get better. "

(On what helped to get the defense off the field and play the way they did today.)
"First and foremost it was communication and we were in sync which we continued in practice this week. So when you have a great week of practice and the understanding of what needed to be done in the game, it made us successful."

(On his comment about not liking the long drive but it looked like the defense still went after the Jets offense physically.)
"It is all how you react to what they are going to give you. We knew and kind of anticipated they were going to run the ball a lot and like I said we kept the line of communication open and let each other know where we had to be to execute the way we wanted to."

Mark Anderson, Defensive End
(On the play of the defense against the Jets and if he saw anything different today.)
"We were working hard every day at practice and doing all the little things right. The defensive backs did a great job today and it paid off and this is what we were studying all week and the coaches had us really ready for today's game."

(On getting to the quarterback today and the defense putting pressure on the quarterback for the first time since the end of the game against the Chargers.)
"  Like I said before, Coach Belichick and Coach Johnson put together a really good game plan for us and we executed it and was able to get really good pressure on the quarterback."

(On how big was it for the defense to record 7 series of holding the Jets offense to three plays and out for the defense.)
"It was really big and it is one of the things we really harp on in practice and putting us in the position to getting us off the field after 3rd down. We executed the game plan well stopping them on first and second down and putting them into a position of 3rd and long, we then put the pressure on the quarterback and the defensive backs playing bump and cover which gave us a chance to make plays.  

James Ihedigbo, Safety
(On how James would sum up this day playing against the team that let him go.)
"Thoughtful, you know I think it's a great win for us, great teammates and now it places us two games up on them in the division. Personally I cannot ask for anything better to show a team who had let you go and come back [and play hard against them]."

(On what was it like for you to play as much as you did today)
"It felt great. I have been playing in this league for a while and in a lot of big games and this is just another opportunity to start and a blessing. You have to take advantage of opportunities."

(On playing well against his former team what does that mean to him)
"It's nothing personal against anyone individually, just that you are part of an organization [Jets] and a part of something and then you're not good enough to be part of it anymore and then coming to a team [Patriots] like this, we have the makings of doing something very special."

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