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Patriots Postgame Quotes - 11/3/2013

New England Patriots players comment on their game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, November 3, 2013.


Rob Gronkowski, Tight End**

(On the overall play of the offense)
"When we're clicking, we're clicking and it's awesome. We've just got to keep working hard, keep improving, and keep doing things like that. It takes a lot of work. Overall, together as an offense, it was a great team win. We were out there in a rhythm, but there's a lot to improve on. We can get better as a whole. It felt good getting more games under me and I'm feeling good. [I'm getting] better every week."

(On the individual play of members of the offense)
"They had huge games and that's what's so great about working together as a team and working together as an offense. Everyone starts clicking and everyone's contributing. The running backs; I think [Stevan] Ridley ran for over 100 [yards], [Danny] Amendola and [Aaron] Dobson went for over 100 [yards], the offensive line was doing a great job blocking, and [Tom] Brady was on point throwing the ball. It's great when that's happening and we've just got to keep on improving. Overall it was a great team win."

(On the importance of a win going into the bye week)
"Every game's important every week, but going into the bye week is definitely a big win. During the bye week now, we've got a lot of players banged up. That's how it is throughout the NFL. Bye weeks are crucial.

Danny Amendola, Wide Receiver

(On how Rob Gronkowski's big day opened up the field for all the wide receivers)
"I would have to look at film, obviously, but Gronk [Rob Gronkowski] is a great player. Everybody tries to double-team him and do a lot of things to try and take him out of the game, so it's on a lot of others guys to get the job done and, you know, I felt like offensively, we did some things to get the team moving, so it was a good day."

(On whether he had to concentrate extra for the catches when he was wide open)
"I didn't even notice it really, I was running. I knew I had a chance [to score]. Tom [Brady] did a great job of looking off the safety one of the touchdowns, so it was a play we've been working on all week and it worked out."

(On whether the team's offensive performance today gives insight to how well the offence can perform going forward)
"We have a lot of improvement. There's a lot of stuff that we can work on to get better, you know, we got a week to kind of regroup and get some guys back and keep it moving."

(On being a part of quarterback Tom Brady's big game)
"He's a great quarterback. There's no question about it and the good thing about Tom [Brady] is that he gets the troops ready and he rallies everybody behind him and he's a leader and that's what makes Tom Brady good."

LeGarrette Blount, Running Back

(On the play of the offense)
"It's amazing. It's really good and putting up 55 points against a team like the Steelers, I don't know if anyone has ever done that. That's just a sign of how good we can be."

(On Tom Brady)
"I've seen him do it for a long time. This is Week 9, so I've been [watching] him do it. He's one of the best to ever play the game, so a game like this is bound to happen a couple times every year. We were just waiting for [this]."

(On Rob Gronkowski)
"As you guys can see, he brings a whole lot to the table. He's productive and I don't know how many yards or catches he had, but it was a lot in both categories. He's a major part of this offense and as long as we get him going, that will open up a lot of opportunities for other players, [like] opportunities in the run game. He's a big part of our offense."

Aaron Dobson, Wide Receiver

(On what he saw on the 81-yard touchdown catch from quarterback Tom Brady)
"[Steelers' cornerback] Ike Taylor, he just kind of jumped the run, you know, and I just knew I had him beat, so me and Tom just connected on the deep ball."

(On what his big performance does for his confidence)
"It feels good, all the hard work and to have an outcome in a game like that, you know, is big and it feels good to have the confidence going into, well we going into the bye week, but for my next week, so it just feels good."

(On whether the increase in his snap count is relates to his increase in confidence and familiarity with the system)
"I'm just learning. I'm just getting comfortable with the offense and, you know, I still have a long way to go, but I'm just more comfortable than I was when I first got here."

(On what is the toughest aspect of catching a back-shoulder pass)
"I feel like just adjusting to it and just seeing it quick. You know, you got to just get your head around and when you see the back throw you just got to adjust to it."

Julian Edelman, Wide Receiver

(On his long punt return being a big play in the game)
"It was definitely good to get that. The guys did a great job; I wish I would have finished it. There were a lot more yards on that field, and we're just going to work hard to finish it, but the guys did an awesome job."

(On the difference between the offense in the first and second halves)
"Execution. When we executed, we did well. When we didn't execute, we didn't. That's what offense is about. When we execute, we will be on rhythm, and when we don't, we won't."

(On what he saw from Aaron Dobson that helped him to break out for a big day)
"Aaron has been playing well all year. He made some big plays and it is good to see all the hard work that he has been putting in in the film room and at practice [pay off]. I think he has been playing good all year. To see him go out there and make some big plays, it's always nice to see a teammate do great."

(On whether Dobson's big game will help his confidence)
"You'll have to ask him on that, but I don't think it hurts."

(On Rob Gronkowski and the game that he had opening things up for the other receivers)
"I'm sure it did. Gronk is Gronk. You know he is going to go in there and make plays. A lot of guys made plays and it was a good team win."

(On whether he feels that this was a well-rounded game on offense)
"Yeah. I mean, we had some situations where we didn't execute as well coming out in the third quarter, which we have been trying to get better at, and we were able to turn it on a little bit in third, keep it going and make some big plays in crucial situations to keep the game apart. It was definitely a good step forward, but there is a lot of stuff that we have to take care of."

(On how he thought Tom Brady played today)
"I mean that's Tom Brady, so…"

(On whether the team is beatable when Tom Brady plays the way he did today)
"You'd have to ask the coach that. The other coaches at least."

Chandler Jones, Defensive End

(On the fast pace of the Steelers offense)
"They were going. They were going, and we did a good job adjusting to the no-huddle. But like I said, congratulations again to the team."

(On how he was able to be effective getting after Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger)
"He was holding the ball. Like I said, the coverage – someone just asked me how I've been so successful in getting to the quarterback this season, and I owe it to the secondary to be honest with you. The secondary is doing a good job. If you go and cut up the film and watch the game tonight, both of those sacks I had were coverage sacks, so congrats and thank you to the secondary for just doing a good job of getting those receivers covered."

(On how tough it is to bring down Ben Roethlisberger)
"He's heavy. He's a big guy. His name's Big Ben for a reason. Yeah, he's a little – he's heavy."

(On his reaction to seeing Steve Gregory and Rob Ninkovich come out of the game)
"Like I say in every interview, it's not who we don't have but it's who we have. Duron Harmon – Duron came in and he did a good job and got an interception, and Andre Carter came in and got a sack, so it's not about who we don't have, but it's who we do have."

(On whether the bye week comes at a good time)
"I'm just ready to keep going. We've got to keep going. There is a bye, that's good, but if we had a game next week I'd be ready."

(On whether this is a good game to win going into the bye week)
"Yeah, great game to have, definitely. Especially being in the 'W' column, this is good. This is good to go into the bye and come back and we can come back stronger."

going to be great. That's a chance to improve, a chance to get your body better, and a chance to improve what you've got to work on."

Logan Mankins, Guard

(On whether the offense was frustrated with their performance in previous games)
"I don't think anyone in here was too happy. We knew we had the talent and the scheme, we just had to get everyone doing good the majority of the time. That was one of those games tonight where I think everyone played [well] and we didn't make many mistakes."

(On whether the team needs a game like this to reinforce the things that they do in practice and in the film room, especially for the younger guys)
"Well, I think it is good for everyone on offense to see that we can do it. We've had great spurts this season where [we had] a good drive here, a couple bad ones, a good one, a good one. We just never were consistent for a whole game. Even tonight we had I think a couple three-and-outs, a couple bad drives, a turnover. But for the large majority of the game I think we played pretty good."

(On Tom Brady's play tonight and him silencing the talk about his hand injury and his play so far this season)
"Well you know everyone out there always has all the answers for the guys in here, but we just keep going out there fighting, and Tom had one hell of a game."

(On the offense scoring 55 points, which is the most the Steelers have ever allowed in their history, and whether that gives the offense a special satisfaction)
"That's a proud group over there. They've got some proud guys that have been there a long time and play hard. I know their defensive coordinator [Dick LeBeau] is very good. I know they're not happy about it, but we got the better of them tonight."

(On whether it is especially comforting that the team is 7-2 going into the bye week and they are coming off their best offensive performance of the season)
"We'd love to be 9-0, but 7-2 is not too shabby. A lot of teams would love to be 7-2, and I think tonight it was great for the offense to get rolling like we did tonight. That can only get us going in the right direction and we've got the bye week to look at ourselves really hard here, and then we'll move on to Carolina."

(On the 7-2 record not coming easy for the team)
"Yeah it hasn't been easy. In this league, rarely is it easy. You've always got to do things right and play hard and practice hard and study hard. [When] you get out there on Sunday it is always going to be hard, it's just who is going to keep fighting, make the plays [and] make the least amount of mistakes. That's usually who wins."

Devin McCourty, Defensive Back

(On the win)
"We knew today [it] was important to find a way to win. We got out to a good start and they made some plays, but when you go against good receivers and a good quarterback, they're going to make their plays. I was proud and excited of the way we came back and kept fighting and kept playing and we were able to make some key plays in the game that were big for us defensively. And the offense took care of their part."

(On the Patriots taking a step in the right direction with the win)
"We always talk about, as the season goes on, it's key to learn and get better in September and October. Once you start getting into November, it's key to start playing some of your better football. You don't want to be playing your best football, but you want to start to see some of those improvements from earlier in the season. Today was a good example of just playing 60 minutes. There were some ups and downs throughout the game, but we've been talking all year [that] we've got to keep playing 60 minutes, keep fighting and today was a good finish."

(On if the defense had to make an adjustment when Steve Gregory went out with an injury)
"Duron [Harmon] had to step up. We had to make some different adjustments just as far as guys playing, but guys are prepared. Duron has been playing throughout the season and when Steve [Gregory] went down, he stepped up. He came in and he got to get another easy interception for the second week in a row [laughter]. He did a good job just being prepared and being ready to go."

Matthew Slater, Wide Receiver

(On how it feels to get a quality win)
"We needed it. We needed it. It's always nice to have a win like that, where you feel confident about the way you played in all three phases leaving the game. We need that confidence rolling into the bye [week] and later into the season."

(On Julian Edelman's 43-yard punt return)
"Oh baby. I mean, the kid is – he's the best punt returner I've played with, and he's just – what can you say? He's got everything you need to be successful at that position. He's got the vision, the speed, the courage when guys are barreling down... He saw it and he hit it just like we drew it up, and just that close to being a touchdown."

(On the offense's performance today)
"Oh baby. They were clicking today, they were clicking. Gronk [Rob Gronkowski] was in the zone, Danny [Amendola], everybody was making plays. AD [Aaron Dobson], Julian [Edelman] everybody was making plays. It's always good to see that, and I didn't have to cover too many punts, so that wasn't bad either. It was just great to see those guys play well, the run game get going, offensive line playing well… It was a big time effort by those guys."

(On having a breakout game heading into the bye week)
"Well it's easier on the ticker a little bit… But it gives a lot of confidence. It gives us confidence that we're doing the right things and the work we're putting in in practice is starting to pay off. Look, we're not where we need to be and seven wins isn't going to get us anything, so we've got to continue to grind away, but it's good to have a good confidence-building win like this."

(On whether the team needs games like this to see their hard work during the week pay off)
"I think it's good, like I was saying this whole time, for confidence. Especially with a young team, it's good to see those results and give the guys the impression, 'Hey, we're not just out here doing this and beating our heads against the wall.' If we do it the right way it's going to pay off for us, and it did today, and that's exciting."

Isaac Sopoaga, Defensive Tackle

(On how he feels after getting a win in his first game with the Patriots) "I feel like today is another day of my birthday again. Winning and playing with Tom Brady? C'mon [laughter]. But I feel good, I feel great. Thanks to the fans, thanks to the whole Patriots family spirit. I feel good. I feel great."

(On the acclimation process this week)
"It's not really a big factor to me. This is my 10th year in the league. You have to have that heart and that mindset. You've got to be ready."

(On playing a lot of different positions)
"We're all pros. That's why we have meetings. You have to study your opponent and the teams that you'll be playing against."

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