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Patriots Postgame Quotes - 12/31/2006

New England Patriots players offer comments on their 40-23 win over the Tennessee Titans at LP Field.


(on getting the call to go into the game)

Belichick told me to get loose and I didn't really know what he meant. I thought he meant to get loose and get ready to take a knee. I said to him what do you mean and he said to get loose so I assumed that meant to get ready to go in and throw the football.

(On continuing his streak of 20 consecutive seasons with a touchdown pass)

I was excited to go in and run some plays but to throw a touchdown pass was very exciting and the guys were really excited for me. The first thing I did when I came off the field was find Coach Belichick and thank him for the opportunity, he's been great and that is the reason I came here to the Patriots.


(on getting the ball down the field to the receivers)

I think if you give the receivers a chance to go up and make plays then we can make them. I think we got a pretty good receiving corps and we are getting better each week. It showed today with the plays down the field.

(on QB Tom Brady performing well after missing practice this week)

That just shows how good he is. He is a real good pro-quarterback. He is a pro. Even though he wasn't practicing, he still was watching tape seeing where their weak points were. I think we did a good job of attacking their weakness today.


(on celebrating the win)

We have got some big tests ahead of us. I think it would behoove us to kind of appreciate it, but at the same time, forget about it.

(on who the Patriots would like to play in the playoffs)

They are all strong right now. I think that everyone would agree, it doesn't matter who we are playing. If you have gotten to this point and you are playing next week, then you have the capability of winning and winning with some regularity. I am not going to say I hope this team or that team. I am going to wait and see what happens and get ready for whoever it is.

(on having some momentum going into the playoffs)

I like the fact that we won the last three games. We have some pretty good momentum and kind of corrected some of the issues that we had prior to the past three games like turnovers and that kind of thing. It is going to be a tough week of preparation.

(on how hard it is to see SS Rodney Harrison get hurt)

You never want to see one of your teammates hurt. I know personally how Rodney battles and I know how he works everyday. At the same time, he has to have faith, he has to have courage and those are the qualities that he possesses as a Christian and a football player. I think his natural nature is to overcome obstacles and to find ways to be successful week-in-week out and year-in-year out.

(on if the block on Harrison was low)

I didn't see the block. I came in after the fact. Some of the guys were a little bit riled up. They thought it was a low block. I can't speculate. I didn't see it.


(on his season)

It is a great accomplishment for me, my family, my kids, my mom and my teammates. We just have to keep it moving. The postseason is a different season. We didn't play well at all, but still found out a way to win. We have to correct things that we messed up on and play better in the playoffs.

(on being tackled by Vince Young)

He made a good play. I was kind of dancing around with him and forgot how athletic he was. He was flying up there like he was a safety. He made a great play. I wish I could have had it back. He clothes lined me. I should have run him over.

(on his interception total this season)

I work hard in the off-season with the nerf ball. I dropped a lot of picks in the past and I needed to focus on the ball more. Me and my son were playing catch in the house one day with a nerf ball and I said I should take this onto the field with me to help me focus on the ball more.

RICHARD SEYMOUR, Defensive Lineman

(on the game)

It was good to finish the season with a win. We are 12-4 and moving into the postseason. The most important thing was to finish the season on a strong note. It is obviously good to have momentum going into the playoffs. This is when the season really starts. It is an important time of year. The next game is our most important game.

(on Vince Young)

I think he is going to be special in this league. No question about that. He brings a lot to the table. He is a guy that can change the game in one play. He has that type of ability. I am a fan of Vince Young. I think he definitely is one of the good young quarterbacks in the league.

(on Rodney Harrison's injury)

Anytime you see a guy go down, especially a guy like Rodney and what he means to this football team is tough. He is more than just a teammate, he is a friend out there. We are not sure what the status is at this point, but we are hoping for the best.

(on the emotions of the game)

We just got a little testy. Something that we didn't want to get into, but it is a part of football. You just have to stay smart. We don't want to play games like that. We want to play tough, play physical, play smart and get some wins. You don't want to get into the cheap shot stuff. You want to come out and play tough and play the game the way that it is supposed to be played with a lot of respect. You definitely don't want to get into the little pushing and shoving stuff that some of those guys over there normally get into. You want to do it between the whistles.

TY WARREN, Defensive Lineman

(on the emotions of the game)

At one point of the game guys got unraveled at some of the things that they were doing, things that were out of character that we didn't think that they would do. I am not really going to go into to all of that, but it is obvious when you see it on film. Cooler heads prevailed at the end and we played our ball the way we needed to play it. At certain times we got caught up into that, but cooler heads prevailed and we got back to playing ball the way that we need to be playing it.

(on the last touchdown of the game)

I am giddy about the oldest touchdown pass reception tandem in the league. I think it is 100 years of experience between the two.

(on Vince Young)

I think Vince is an awesome talent. I think he will be playing in this league for a long time. He is everything that we knew he was going to be. He is a dangerous player. We knew what type of game it was going to be… He poses a problem when he gets out into space. We tried to do some tackling drills with the defensive linemen to emulate what we were getting into going into the game.

(on the starters staying in the game)

I think that team has a sense of confidence in Vince, that whenever he is in the game they have a chance to win the game. I think that had more to do with it than anything. They kept on fighting back. I think we would have had to have pulled away pretty far for us to get pulled from the game because Vince is a competitor and the guys rally right behind him.

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