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Patriots Postgame Quotes

New England Patriots players comment on their 24-21 win over the Seattle Seahawks at Qwest Field on Sunday, December 7, 2008.


(On whether he should be sore and bruised after the last two weeks... )
I think everybody is, at this point in the season everybody is a little banged up. That is one of those things you just have to fight through to make sure you're ready to go on Sundays.

(On how he gets up after the tough hits...)
That's just part of your job. You're going to take some vicious hits out there, and you just have to make sure that you're bouncing back and getting ready for the next play.

(On improving the third down conversions, compared to last week... )
It's huge; it's something that we put a lot of work into: third down and the red area. We're trying to make sure that we can come through in those two areas.

(On whether he was surprised by the comeback...)
Not at all. We have a lot of veteran leadership, and guys are going to fight 60 minutes, and make sure that they're giving it their all each and every play. That is what this league is all about; to make sure that you're bringing it every single play.

(On the big catch by Gaffney...)
I think there were about 6 or 8 minutes left in the game, something like that, and who knows if we'll get another opportunity. So, we have to make sure that we take full advantage of it, and play the series as if it was our last one, and give it everything we've got.

(On his play...)
I'll do whatever they ask me to do. I just go out there and do my job each and every play, and do it to the best of my ability, and I think that's everybody's role out there on the team.

(On Matt Cassel's leadership...)
He did a great job. He took some hits, they blitzed us. They were coming after him, and he did a great job of keeping some poise and trying to make plays every opportunity he got.

TE Ben Watson

(On getting the win late...)
It was big. It just shows how close these games are. That one play at the end gave us the victory and if that play had gone the other way we might be having a different story here in the locker room. As a team I definitely think that we overcame some adversity. There is still a ways go and we have three more games that we need to win.

(On scoring early...)
That was big. Big to score points. It is a tough environment. The 12th man was alive and in charge today making noise. Seattle is a good football team, they have a lot of great players so it was a tough game.

(On the reason for his touchdown celebration...)
I have a baby due February 1st. It was a little shout-out to my wife back home in New England. It wasn't worth getting a penalty, I didn't know that I would get a flag, they decided to throw a flag. I wasn't trying to taunt anybody that was just to her. It will be a little baby girl.


(On driving for the game winning touchdown...)
We had to have it.We just rallied behind each other and took it one play at a time and got into the end zone. We even got the two point conversation.

(On if this was the biggest win of the year...)
Definitely the biggest win of the year. We have to follow it up next week with another big one.

(On the game requiring 60 minutes of football...)
It took all 60 minutes to get this one done. We came down to our last possession to score and we moved the ball down and scored and the defense came back out and got the stop so we could just kneel on it.


(On the last play...)
Right down at the goal line it is really just all about guts. It sounds easy to get one yard but out there a lot of guys are trying to keep you from scoring and doing certain things. We were able to get just enough surge and get it into the endzone.

(On his assessment of Cassel filling in for Tom Brady...)
He has done a great job. Especially as the season has progressed. He has been getting different looks from different defenses and he has been able to capitalize and either win the high scoring games or win these type of games where you have to grind it out.


(On how he felt they performed today...)
"For the most part, after we settled down, we were okay. But we said all week: they're going to come out fast, they're going to run their plays up-tempo, and everything else. We just stood there and pretty much watched them move the ball down the field twice in a row."

(On what caused the Patriots' inefficiency on defense at the beginning of the game...)
"I don't know. I just think we need to look at fixing it. When we come into a game and play a certain way, or have to play a certain way to win, that's what we need to try to do."

(On how his teammates stepped up, particularly Junior Seau and Rosevelt Colvin...)
"It's like 'Welcome back,' you know? They've been here for a day and a half, and they get thrown out there and they do a great job. They play hard, and they compete. And we needed them. We certainly needed them today. We needed everybody. We needed Le Kevin [Smith] and Mike Wright to play more, and Jarvis [Green], and everybody else. We're at the time where we need everybody. Guys are banged up, but we need to keep pushing."

(On what changed when they started being able to stop the Seahawks' offense...)
"I just think we understood what they were doing. We had an idea of what they were going to try to do coming in, but they just ran it with enough tempo and style. They were pretty consistent converting on third down. We just settled down and just played our responsibilities and did our jobs."


(On how the defense was able to step up and overcome the Seahawks' offense...)
"Coach just made great adjustments. It wasn't anything major. Guys started playing, playing better techniques, doing exactly what Coach has taught. That's better than trying to do our own thing."

(On how big of a play the sack on Seneca Wallace was for him personally...)
"I think it was a bigger play for the team than it was for me. Personal glory for me really means nothing. The team winning and continuing to run for the playoffs means everything to me."

(On how big it was for the team...)
"I think you know. I think you know."

(On how it felt to get a last-minute win in such an important game for the Patriots in terms of the playoff race...)
"It was a relief, you know what I mean? We came out and started out slow, which is something we never want to do...We persevered together."

(On whether he was thinking about the competition to win their divison...)
"No...Hey, it's looking good."

(On how important it was for Junior Seau to play today...)
"Junior? He played three [quarters]? How many plays? That tells you a lot about him. He's a great dude. With him in the locker room, it just gives everybody a little more energy, a little more momentum. He just played lights-out, every play. Even though he's the oldest guy on the team, he still plays with the most energy."


(On whether he felt he was prepared to play...)
"I figured I'd get a chance to get out there on the field. Things kind of changed early on, and the opportunity was there. I definitely feel it, but I feel better about it than my outlook was going in."

(On whether the speed of the game was faster than he remembered...)
"When Deion [Branch] took that long pass, yeah, but other than that, it was like riding a bike, you know? You just got to get back on the bike and then you got to get going. It wasn't as bad as I thought it might've been, or how I feel right now. So I'm excited. I'm definitely excited about the potential of where I can go, and if the opportunity continues to present itself, then hopefully I can go out and produce and help the team keep winning games."

(On what it says about the Patriots that they were able to come back and win with so many players out...)
"I've said for years that Bill [Belichick] is probably one of the best coaches in the league. I've been able to experience a couple different systems, and when you're able to plug different guys in...I've been on teams where you've had injuries and there's a decline, there's a drop-off. But to continue to go out and be successful in all phases—special teams, offense and defense—is definitely a tribute, not just to the players, but the coaches as they continue to draw up schemes and put players in positions to make plays."


(On how he handled having so many injured players on the roster...)
"Keep playing. I've sat down a couple times and have had serious injuries in the past, and to have so many this year...I keep just thanking the Lord that I'm out there and that I can keep playing every down. I think it's to the point right now where nobody is 100%. Not me, not any guy out there. And if you can play, we're looking for you. We're looking for you at every position. You might see me at rush end one day, man. But you know, we're going to keep just chugging away, and if it takes a patchwork to get these victories, that's what we're going to do."

(On looking weak at some points during the game, but very strong at others...)
"From the outside, it looks like that. But from the inside, you're not seeing guys that are down. You're seeing guys that are trying to focus and trying to think, 'What can I do that much more to go out there and make a play?' I think that's what you saw today. Everything didn't go our way, and it definitely came down to the fourth quarter, and it was one of those things where guys just keep chipping away, and things are going to start falling your way. The game's not going to always go 100% your way."

(On what the outlook is looking at the AFC East in a 3-way tie for first place...)
"We have a chance. All you want to ask for...Junior [Seau] put it simply before the game, how he wanted to see those players out there that didn't know if they were going to get drafted or not, a bunch of rookies out there that are just playing on fire. That's what it's really coming down to the whole season. The last three games, everybody needs to play as if these are the last downs, because for this season, it is."


(On the never-quit attitude of the team...)
"Everyone in this locker room, no matter what the scoreboard says, we're going to get everyone's best. That's something that we always pride ourselves in, and that's something that we know we're going to get from the guy next to us. So, that isn't something that we even question. It's just something that we just go out and do. We just forced them to make more plays than they did coming down the stretch."

(On how he feels about the three-way tie in their division going down the stretch...)
"Well, like I said, all we can do is take it one game at a time. A lot of people say, 'Well, you've got to win,' but we don't know what we have to do yet. I think that our goal right now is just to go in and get a win in Oakland, and let the chips fall where they may. We can't control what some other team does. Like I said, it's always a tough situation when you have to depend on other people, other teams, to beat this team, or [think], 'This team needs to win.' You never want to be in a situation like that, where you have to depend on somebody else. I think we have an opportunity in front of us, and it's up to us to take advantage of it."

(On the sack and forced fumble on Seneca Wallace at the end of the game...)
"Well, you know, it was a diamond front, where we were coming with some pressure. The guards came out...and the safety came up, Brandon came up and made a good, heads-up play, and he got the ball out and we were just able to recover it and it kind of sealed the deal for us. It was a big play for us on defense, something that we haven't had in a long time, so it felt good to get off the field. In the second half, I thought we played better on third downs."

LB Junior Seau

(On the play by Deion Branch...)
That was a great play! Branch did a heck of a job throwing me a little fake. I went surfing and that was it.

(On how quickly he was to transition back into the game...)
I have been playing this game for like 19 years. It shouldn't be a big surprise. The guys in here did a heck of a job of protecting me and doing the things that we needed to do out there and obviously we came out with a win.

(On how he is feeling...)
Physically I will let you know tomorrow. Obviously there is going to be some kind of aches and pains, that is expected.

(On if this game was the biggest of the year...)
Well it's one game at a time. Trust me if we don't take care of this game there is no tomorrow for us. We know that and next week is no different. We have to get back to the drawing board and figure it out. We have some injuries obviously but for the most part the guys went out there and played a great game in terms of perservering and pulling out a win.

(On how it felt to play in a familiar scheme...)
It felt great obviously there is some wrinkles here but for the most part the calls are the same and that is my training camp.

(On how it felt to be in a playoff push...)
We are not looking at the playoffs. If we take care of our job one week at a time we will figure it out later.

(On if he ever felt that it was tough being thrown into the mix so quickly...)
No there is no time to think that. The job is when I left my kids going to the volleyball games and football games with the kids and coming over here, that stuff was over. It is time to play football. I expected to be thrown in there later on in the game but obviously with the injuries that we had I was rushed to it.

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