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Patriots Postgame Quotes

New England Patriots players comment on their 48-28 win over the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, November 23, 2008.

RB Kevin Faulk

*(Comments on the game)
*"Two teams fighting to win a football game and luckily it came out our way."

*(Did you expect to score 48 points?)
*"Whatever is working is what you want to keep going at it to just win the game. They had some things that were working too. A couple of plays went our way and a couple of things went their way."

*(About Matt Cassel) *
"What I know is that Matt is doing whatever he has to do to help this team win. If that means he has to play better, he plays better. All we want to do is keep winning games. He's just doing enough for us to win the game, and probably even more. As a team we're just trying to win the next game."

*(About the emotional intensity out there)
*"It was a division game and it's always going to be emotional. It was one of those games that both teams had to have and we just made a little more plays than they did."

WR Jabar Gaffney

*(On how the second half went for him)
*"We came out, we executed pretty well. We kind of figured out what they were doing, and had some plays for it and we were able to make plays."

*(On evening the score after Miami beat them earlier in the season)
*"Yeah, it was really important especially this time of year. We needed this win and remembering back to what they did to us on our home our home field, we had to come back out here knowing it was a big game for us."

*(On what the intensity was like out there today, given the emotions)
*"Yeah it was very emotional actually. They came to our house and beat us pretty bad and we didn't forget that. It constantly reminded us that we wanted to come out here and make a statement."

DB Brandon Meriweather

*(About his interception) *
"The line got a good push on them and it made him throw the ball a little high and it gave me the opportunity to catch it."

*(Was it good for the defense to win one?)
*"That was huge. It was huge for our defense to win one. Both offense s played very well and as you've all seen Miami can put up some points. They did that to us last time and they're a great team but for us to come out and just hang on and get a win was huge."

*(Did they make the plays or did you leave some plays on the field?)
*"I think it's a little bit of both. I think that they made a lot of plays but I think we left some plays out there by not playing aggressive enough and by not doing exactly what our coach told us to do. I think it was a little bit of both."

*(How important was this win?) *
"It was important because we were trying to do that for a long time. We've been trying to bounce back after a loss and it was huge for us. Now we just back trying to take it one game at a time and continue to improve every week."

TE Benjamin Watson

*(On the importance of the game)
*"It definitely was. We were coming off the loss in the division and going out there executing the way we did, it's pretty satisfying to come down here and get a win."

*(On putting up over 500 yards back to back, first time in team history)
*"Really, I didn't know that, but it feels good to execute. It's an offense, you practice those plays all week and you want to get the chance to come out and make the plays and a lot of guys were making some big plays today."

WR Wes Welker

*(On how big of a win was this, coming against a divisional opponent)
*"Absolutely. Our division is a tight race. We just have to make sure that we're going out each and every day and doing the best we can. Getting a win like this is good for us and we're excited about it."

*(On the emergence of Matt Cassel) *
"He's done a great job of just guiding the offense and really understanding the defenses and what they are trying to do to us and able to attack them. We're just trying to do our job of getting open as possible, the O-line is giving a lot of time, and the backs are doing a great job providing protection as well, so we just have to keep on doing what we're doing and keep on getting him going as the year goes on."

NT Vince Wilfork

*(Was the score surprising?) *
"We did what we wanted to do. Defensively we stopped the run and stopped their wildcat formation. I think for the most part we did a really good job on defense. We still had a couple of problems but overall I think it was a pretty good effort. It was a pretty tough game to come down into somebody else's home and get a win like this. We knew it was going to be a tough ball game, we were ready for it and we prepared well. My hat goes off to them but at the same time I think that we wanted it more today because of the last outcome. All around we did a pretty good job in all three phases of the game."

*(How important was it to win this game?)
*"We have to have to the rest of the games that we play. We'll start back this week and get ready for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but right now for the time being we want to enjoy this one. Like I said, anytime you can go somewhere else on the road and come away with a win is a huge win. We want to take this one and enjoy this one but at the same time we have to be ready and get going on Pittsburgh. Our focus will have to be really high with these guys because they play great football but for now we're going to enjoy this one."

(What does this win show about this team?)
"I think it just shows the level of commitment on this football team. A lot of people counted us out this game and we know among ourselves how well we can play when we play good football. I'm not saying that today was great football, but it was pretty good football out there especially being a defensive lineman. To be able to go out there and stop the run is number one on our list every week. As a team it's a great win. Everybody was happy and everybody prepared well. I thing we knew exactly what we wanted to do coming into this ballgame and we did it. One thing was to be more physical and it just shows you that a couple of injuries doesn't make your team and it doesn't make your season. We have to keep fighting and we have to keep finding ways to win. We've been playing some football over these past six weeks and some pretty good football in losses and in this win."

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