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Patriots Postgame Quotes - 8/17/2008

New England Patriots players and head coach Bill Belichick offer comments on their second preseason game of the 2008 season.


*(On tonight's performance)
*"We have a lot of work to do based on tonight, really in all three phases of the game. I did not think we played as well and competitively as we are capable of playing. A lot of little things, but those little things add up to big things. We just really need to do a better job. We see another good team this week in Philadelphia. I hope we can get a little bit better performance than that."

*(On Lynch's play)
*"He was only in there for a few plays, but at least he got some exposure in our system and got in on a few plays."

*(On losing Brandon Meriweather to injury)
*"We will see how that goes and hopefully it is not a serious problem."

*(On Tom Brady not making the trip)
*"There were a lot of players that did not make the trip. The guys that were here played and the ones that were not didn't."

*(On Tom Brady's injuries giving backup quarterbacks an opportunity)
*"All the guys that were down here got an opportunity to play and I think that was a good experience for everybody who played in the game. Not saying that we all did a great job, but it gave them an opportunity to play and gave us a chance to evaluate them."


*(On coming into the game tonight)
*"You want to get off to a good start. I think I was just trying to do a little bit too much on the first play. It's another learning experience for me. I'm just going to try to move on and one of the things I'm trying to do is learn to move on to the next play; do whatever I can to move the offense. I was excited we got some big time catches and some protection on that touchdown drive and we were able to pound it in there with Heath (Evans) down there. You know going into the situation and coming into the game you want to come in right away and help be a catalyst. With that turnover, it kind of set us back a little bit. It's just another learning experience."


*(On learning the playbook)
*"Last night was the first good night of sleep this week, because I have been in that book trying to learn it all."

*(On playing next to Rodney Harrison)
*"I have always had great admiration for the way Rodney plays. Our careers have kind of coincided in terms of his being in 15 years. I have been in 16 years. I think he plays the game with tremendous passion and excitement."


(On tonight's game)
"I do not think we executed or I think the scoreboard shows that we obviously did not execute as well as we should have on offense, defense or special teams for that matter. But it is preseason, once we get between those white lines, it is time to play."

*(On what the team needs to improve on in practice)
*"To pick something, just overall execution in all three phases of the game."

*(On the young player's performances)
*"Rookie or not, no one is really executing to the level that we expect for ourselves. We have to go back to work and see what we need to correct, rookies, veterans and anyone in between."


*(On tonight's loss)
*"Yeah, I mean not making enough plays and then giving too much on first down and giving up short conversions on third down. Missed tackles, big plays. That will about do it."

*(On if the preseason has anything to do with the level of play)
*"Not for me. I would hope that no one else on the team would say that they game planned and we didn't. We game plan to try to win every time we go out there. That would be our game plan."

*(On if he was surprised or concerned that they were not able to get off the field)
*"Surprised, concerned. No, I wouldn't say concerned. I just think that we got a lot of work to do and we're going to try to do that. There is not a lot of time before our first game."


*(On how the team should improve)
*"We have a lot of things we need to work on. We did not go out there and do what we wanted to do. The theme of the day was, everyone working on doing their job and we will get better as a team."

  • (On Matt Cassel's performance)
    *"Everybody has something they need to work on Matt, myself, everybody. Coach Belichick told us after the game that we all have to work on stuff and that we all just have to worry about what we have to do, we will be alright."
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