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Patriots Postgame Quotes - 8/24/2012

Various New England Patriots players addressed the media following their preseason game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium on Friday, August 24, 2012. Read their quotes below.


  • (Opening statement)*
    We obviously got off to a slow start, but we played a little bit better in the second half. We really just need to string together four quarters in a row to beat good teams on the road. We certainly have a lot of work to do."
  • (On having confidence in the offense)*
    "I sure do; I've got confidence in everybody. It's just a matter of us getting out there and playing together. There's too many times when we are one step forward and two steps back. When you're not in a rhythm offensively, it's hard to produce a lot of points. And, you know, we just weren't in a great rhythm obviously in the first half."

(On RB Stevan Ridley)
"He's been a strong runner since the day he came in here, and he's continued to do that. When he gets the opportunity, it seems like he's doing a great job, so that was great to see."

  • (On the scoring drive in the third quarter)*
    "It was a little bit better. We got off to a good start running the ball, hit a nice play to Aaron [Hernandez] up the sideline, had another good run play by Stevan, and then a nice touchdown to [Rob Gronkowski]. It was a good drive. Those are the ones we need; we need to put those together consistently. Series after series, quarter after quarter, that's how you string together good games.]

(On offensive rhythm)
"That's all about being on the same page and everyone doing their job, so I think that's important. When you put together a good play, you've got to put together another good play on top of that. You can't score points unless you do things well consistently, unless you have a big play, and we didn't really have any big plays tonight. Big plays make up for a lot of mistakes, but if you don't make big plays, then you got to kind of drive the ball methodically down the field and you can't afford errors. If you get errors, you can't put together a scoring drive. It's something we have to continue to focus on, and it's got to be a focus in practice and in our next game against the Giants."

  • (On RB Jeff Demps)*
    "He got quite a bit of opportunity tonight. Coach [Belichick] put him in a position to make some plays out there, both in the return game and at running back. It's pretty amazing to go from what you trained for for the last six or eight months in his life, and [then] come in here and put pads on and do the same thing. It's really a credit to his hard work and his mental toughness."

(On his interception)
"I held on to the ball too long. Brandon [Lloyd] was starting to work away from the coverage; they just got me as I was throwing the ball. You have to eliminate those throws, and try to eliminate all turnovers."


  • (On New England's performance)*
    "We've got a lot of work to do in being consistent and putting drives together to get the ball into the end zone."

(On if he is progressing as expected this preseason)
"We are developing as an offense and we're trying to integrate as much of the running game and pass catchers as possible, but I think what it is coming down to is that we all need to make plays and be more consistent out there on the football field."


  • (On his first game)*
    "I thought I'd be on some [kick return] tonight. For me to get in on offense and take a couple reps, it felt pretty good."

(On his comfort level within the offense)
"So far it's going pretty good. I'm still learning the system and I still have a long way to go, but I knew some of the run plays and a couple of the pass plays so, I was able to get in and do a few."

(On his conditioning level)
"Again, it's a long way to go; I just jumped back into it. I have a lot of work to do and a long way to go on the football field."

  • (On whether he expects more playing time in the final preseason game)*
    "I'm not sure. As far as right now, I'm staying back [and] learning from the older guys. Whenever they call my number, I'll be ready."


(On offensive rhythm)
"It's there when it's there and then sometimes it's not. That's just the game of football. I have an offensive line that's up there working hard, and, as an offense, we've got some things that we need to improve on. Overall, as a whole, we've got some work to do, and that's what the preseason is for."

(On picking up the blitz)
"I missed one, but I wouldn't say it really gave me trouble. I'll go and look at the film on that tomorrow and I'm sure Coach [Belichick] will have something to say on that. I have to improve on that. I'm going to critique myself and try not to repeat the same things"

(On his performance)
"I had an offensive line that was battling out there, two fullbacks that were leading [and] trying to create some holes. I just hit it. When I see green grass, I'm trying to get out of there. I'm not the fastest guy in the world but I'm trying to get as many yards as I can."

(On improving)
"That's what separates the wins and losses. We lost the game by just that much. It's the small things. We're going to have to play better football all around. We're going to have to work on the small things and get those right so that we can be the football team we need to be later on in the year."

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