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Patriots propose four NFL rule changes

With NFL owners and the league's competition commitee set to meet next week in Orlando, the rules proposals to be discussed and voted on were anounced on Wednesday.

The Patriots were among the teams making rules proposals announced during a Wednesday conference call in advance of the NFL's league meetings next week in Orlando.

Proposals for rule changes first go through the league's competition committee prior to being voted on by the 32 owners.

!New England added its two cents to the yearly process with four rules proposals this spring.

The first has been the much-talked about alteration of the PAT, moving the line of scrimmage for the post-touchdown kicking play to the 25-yard line.

Next, is the idea of extending the goalpost uprights 5 feet higher into the air in order to bring more clarity to field goals that soar over the uprights. Of course the Patriots were on the losing end of a controversial such attempt two years ago in a loss at Baltimore. (Remember PFW's "Are you reffing kidding me?" cover?)

Third is the long-held idea from Bill Belichick of placing extra cameras on the boundaries and the end zone to further aid in replays of scoring plays/out-of-bounds plays.

Finally, is another idea that Belichick has spoken up about of late, which would allow coaches to challenge any non-scoring play for review. Scoring plays are now automatically reviewed.

Other proposals from around the league include adding to the game day roster (from 46 to 49) for non-Sunday/Monday contests, eliminating the preseason cut from 90 to 75 (just cut 90 to 53), adding to the number of players allowed to be put on IR with designation to return and allowing home teams with retractable roofs the option of opening the roof at halftime.

Do you like the Patriots proposals for rules changes? Let us know with a comment below!

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