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Patriots Training Camp Quotes - 8/2/2012

Various New England Patriots players addressed the media following Training Camp practice at Gillette Stadium on Thursday, August 2, 2012. Read their partial transcripts below.


(On how he would describe the offense's current rhythm)

"I think we're doing some good things out there and we're doing a lot of things that we need to work on. I think that's like every training camp and I'm encouraged by some of the things that we're getting done, but at the same time we have a long ways to go. We really need to kind of get things going and pick things up and get us heading in the right direction. I think we are [doing that], but there are always things that we need to work on."

(On how long it took him to develop chemistry with Tom Brady)

"I feel like we're still working on it today. I think it's something you constantly work on. You constantly try to get on the same page and understand what he's thinking and go out there and try to win all of my routes, knowing that he's going to put the ball where he needs to put it and kind of be on the same page. It's an ongoing deal to form that chemistry."

(On getting through the dog days of camp)

"I think a lot of that is preparation going into camp and how you prepared yourself, how you trained and how you got ready. Then once you get here, understand how to take care of your body. If there are any sorts of ailments or anything you need to take care of, take care of it right away and make sure it doesn't become an issue."

(On how he feels, both mentally and physically, at this stage of the preseason)

"I feel great. I feel really good, really good. I don't have any ailments or anything like that. I'm ready to go out there and practice every day and help the team get better."


(On which member of the secondary has made the biggest impact on his learning curve)

"I feel like all of them have pretty much helped me out a lot with adjusting out here. They've just been giving me a lot of tips about how to go about my day and how to adjust to this new lifestyle. You know I've just been taking it all in and being a sponge to those guys. I'm just very grateful for those guys helping me out."

(On how camp stacks up to how he envisioned an NFL camp)

"It's totally different. You've just got to take care of your body a lot differently and approach it like it's your job because it is."

(On the biggest transition from college to the NFL)

"Everything is new and everything is different from college. You just have to attack it aggressively every day with a working attitude and you'll be fine."


(On the importance of developing consistency and continuity in the secondary)

"Consistency is number one. You have to be able to make plays consistently, like boom, boom, boom, boom. It can't be good play, bad play, good play, bad play. Being consistent is number one on the back end, because if you mess up on the back end it's a touchdown. So we have to be on the same page and everybody has to know what they're doing so those plays never happen."

(On if the fact that most of the team's question marks are on the defensive side of the ball serves as motivation)

"No, we don't pay attention to that. We haven't even played a game yet, so we'll find out. We're just going to play ball, play to the best of our abilities and then we'll see what happens after that."

(On if it's strange being one of the members of the secondary with the most experience in the Patriots system)

"No, it's not weird. I mean, we're going to play with the guys that are here. If you're not here it's for a reason and if you're here it's for a reason, so whoever is here, you're going to play; coach wants you here and he wouldn't put you here if he didn't want you to play ball and if you weren't smart. So whoever is here is going to play."


(On if he finds comfort in Offensive Line Coach Dante Scarnecchia's coaching experience despite the fact that there is so much transition on the line)

"He has great resolve and he never gets rattled no matter what happens out there. If somebody goes down, or there's a new lineup, he has complete faith in all of us and I think that's what really keeps us calm. He has that much faith in us and we have a lot of faith in each other and we can go out there and just play ball between the hashes."

(On if he ever thinks about how much experience Scarnecchia has in the NFL and how much he's seen over the years)

"It's crazy. I mean he's been coaching since before I was born, before all of us were born and probably 20 years before that. So that amount of football he's seen, you know what he's telling you is right."

(On what kind of communication he has had with Logan Mankins throughout training camp despite the fact that he isn't practicing)

"I talk to Logan every day. I get tidbits from him and pointers from him. I'll ask him 'Did I do this the right way?' and he'll tell me straight up. He'll tell me if I did it the right way or the way he would do it. I try to implement that and I've always listened to older guys and who better to listen to then Logan Mankins? He's a great football player and I just aspire to be great like him one day."


(On how difficult it is for him to work with all of the shuffling pieces along the offensive line)

"You know, it's part of camp. Guys have been around and I've seen a lot guys come and go and worked with different people. Everybody is professional here and trying to do the right thing. When we've got our group of guys, it's pretty easy to do, and we've all got each other's back and we're just trying to get better. When you've got guys around you that you like and enjoy working with. it makes it a lot easier."

(On the scrum between the offense and defense in last night's in-stadium practice)

"It was what it was. It wasn't that big of a deal. Things happen; it's camp and people get tired. I think everybody moved on pretty quick after that. [There was] a little pushing, but no big deal."

(On how he feels physically and if he feels rusty due to the amount of time he missed last season)

"I think it's still coming back to me in some ways, but I feel great and I'm just trying to get out here and work hard and get better as a player. I'm trying to help the team in whatever way I can. It's just been fun to be back out here."

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