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Pats Post-Game Quotes

Adam Vinitieri, K(On the game)It was a well fought, smash ‘em in the mouth type game. I was fortunate to have the opportunity and fortunate that it went through.

Adam Vinitieri, K
(On the game)
It was a well fought, smash 'em in the mouth type game. I was fortunate to have the opportunity and fortunate that it went through. When it gets cold, the ball just doesn't travel far. Punts, field goals and kickoffs don't travel as far so you try to hit them a little harder and you don't have as much room for error.

(On his missed field goal)
I tried to overcompensate and I kicked it a little harder. Sometimes, just like a golf swing, you have to smoothen it and it goes farther.

(On the game winning field goal)
I just tried to get it up and get it down the middle and let everything take care of itself. I don't think I had it by a whole lot of yards, fortunately we were in the right range. It was just fortunate that our defense came up big, we had an opportunity for a field goal at the end and everyone stepped up and we had some big plays.

Mike Vrabel, LB
(On Steve McNair's injuries)
I don't think you can get caught up to much in that wounded dog theory. When the ball is snapped he is ready to go, no matter how bad he is hurt from the previous play.

(On playing in this weather)
It was cold but we did fine.

(The Miami snow game)
It was balmy that day [and it] compared to today.

(On the Game)
I think that both teams respected each other and it was physical, and I am sure both teams will feel it in the morning. Adam came through with a big kick, we had a good stop down there got the ball on the forty, I think that was key, and we put some heat on them at the end, and forced them into some penalties, the grounding and the holding were big.

(On the weather)
I think it obviously wasn't easy, I think your concentration just need to be that much higher and I think both teams were up to the task of handling the weather.

Kevin Faulk, RB
(On the weather)
The field, the weather that was all secondary. The only thing that mattered was we were playing the Tennessee Titans. When it is your time to play you have to be ready no matter what the situation is.

(On playing a team twice)
It is always tougher. We know what they are doing and they know what we are doing so lets line up and play.

Tedy Bruschi, LB
(On the game)
We got a great play from Bethel Johnson and a great throw from Tom Brady and we were on the sideline saying 'just stay calm its early' and lo and behold they come back and score on us to make it a tie ballgame. We knew it was going to be won in the 4th quarter.

(On the weather)
I didn't think it was bad. All those fans up in the stands were cheering and we were sitting down on heated benches. They don't have heat in those seats so you see the effort they put out in cheering us on and it really fires us up.

(On what motivates him)
The trophy. We want to be the last team standing. When the game is on the line lets just get it done. Tomorrow I'm just going to watch the game. I saw 60,000 people sitting up there and their benches weren't heated. That was enough motivation for me to play.

(On the Titans)
They are a team I highly respect because they are so much like us. They are a physical team that wants to keep hitting you to see who can win in the 4th quarter.

(On McNair)
When he started limping, everyone was like 'c'mon Steve everyone knows you're OK'. He gets hit and keeps coming.

Ty Law, CB
(On the weather)
I saw one guy with no shirt on. He was brave and we should suit him up.

(On the last series)
We just had to get tough and put the pressure on McNair. The secondary went man to man defense. We just pulled it together and came up with the win.

(On McNair)
When he is hobbling, he is still better than most quarterbacks in the league. I know I was hobbling he was throwing at me so lets go at him.

Troy Brown, WR
(On his 4th down catch)
Brady read the defense and I was the guy who looked the most open. He hit me with a nice pass on the sideline.

(On the weather)
It was freezing. The feeling has not come back in my toes yet. Eleven years here and I have never been in a game this cold.

Tom Ashworth, T
(On Handling Titans Front…)
They have a great front four, we knew that going in and we just played hard, we got hit a couple of times, for the most part I think he (Brady) was able to get the ball out, and he does a good job of getting the ball off fairly quick, so that helps us out a lot.

(On the running backs)
The backs were running hard, and even when there wasn't something, they were making it, they were making something out of nothing that also helped us a lot.

Bethel Johnson, WR
(On the Touchdown and First down run)
Not all rookies get to come in and catch a touchdown pass, so I feel very blessed. Tom knows how to lead me, he led me out there ahead of the defender and I was able to make a play. The guys threw a bunch of good blocks for me and Tom even threw a great block to free me.

(On the Game)
Everything goes up another step, everyone is playing harder because nobody wants to go home, so it is up another notch and it is totally different. It is very important for us to the momentum early. As a unit we played together very well, we like being underrated, eventually they will respect us.

Rodney Harrison, S
(On the Game)
It is one of the more intense games that I have played in, all our games are pretty physical and pretty tough, I think this had more at stake, If you lose you go home, so this is for the marbles. It was our season, we realize we let them go up and down the field, and enough was enough, we had to come out here and basically challenge these guys. We challenged them and stepped up.

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