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Pats wouldn't consider trade scenario

Bill Belichick said the Pats have no standing offer with the Lions to move up to the sixth pick in the draft's first round.

The Patriots are no strangers to draft day trading, but when asked if he would swap the team's two first round picks, a second and a fourth to the Lions for the sixth overall pick and Detroit's fourth rounder, head coach Bill Belichick issued a firm denial.

"We definitely would not consider that," Belichick said.

That scenario was reported in Thursday's Boston Globe in what it said was a standing offer between the two teams that would be predicated on the availability of University of Miami safety Sean Taylor at the sixth pick.

Belichick said that no such offer has been agreed upon or is in place. That doesn't rule out the possibility of the Patriots and Lions consummating a deal since Detroit has made no secret of its desire to move back in the first round to add extra picks. The Patriots are the only team with two first round selections, which makes them an obvious dance partner for the Lions, and Detroit head coach Steve Mariucci has confirmed discussions with the Patriots.

"I've spoken with Bill," Mariucci told the Boston Herald. "One concern is moving from six to 21. That's a pretty good drop. You wouldn't do it just for (the Pats two first round picks). It would require more."

For his part, Belichick, in Globe and Herald reports from the owner's meeting in Palm Beach, Fla., said a trade up is possible. "I definitely wouldn't rule it out," he said of moving up in the draft. "I think we have enough draft picks to be able to move if we want to. I think there are a lot of teams interested in moving down, getting two players for one, so to speak. We've had a number of teams express interest in that."

The Patriots hold two picks in the first round (21 and 32), two in the second round (56 and 63), one in the third (95) and two in the fourth (113 and 128) to go with one in the fifth and one in the seventh, giving them plenty of ammunition to move up.

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