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Paul's Calls: No name calling

You'll have to forgive third-round pick Jake Bequette if he's been wondering why people in Boston are so upset with him. After all, the pass rusher out of Arkansas has been in town for barely 48 hours and during that time all he's heard on sports radio is how "Beckett needs to go."


Of course, the object of the fans' ire is Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett, not the team's rookie defensive end. On Friday before practice for the start of rookie mini-camp, Bequette (same pronunciation) mentioned that he enjoys golfing as well as football.

A follow-up question asked if he'd been playing with the embattled Red Sox pitcher, who was caught in a firestorm this week when it was learned he went golfing two days before having to miss a start due to a strained lat muscle. Bequette laughed it off.

"It's funny. Everyone's asking me how to pronounce my last name. I said, 'just like Josh Beckett.' Different spelling but same pronunciation," he said with a big smile.

There will be plenty of time for everyone to understand the difference, but until then the "new" Bequette is content following orders and working toward his goal of succeeding in the National Football League.

"It's very exciting for me and my fellow rookies. We're just looking forward to going to work, we've already started and we just want to keep it going," Bequette said. "I just want to do whatever I can to help the team. Just kind of be here, be seen and work as hard as I can to establish myself.

"For me it's very exciting. It's been a lifelong dream to play in the NFL, especially for an organization like the Patriots. Like I said, it's awesome and I can't wait to get started."

Bequette comes to New England with a pretty solid resume as a pass rusher. He was used in a variety of ways as a Razorback and has an understanding of what it takes to succeed when it comes to getting after the quarterback.

"Any good pass rusher has to have a great, quick first step, has to keep their pads down, have a couple of good moves and countermoves," he said. "If I can incorporate that into my game, learn from the coaches and veterans, I'll have a great chance.

"I was able to do a bunch of different things at Arkansas. Here I'm going to do what I'm told."

Sounds like a good plan.

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