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Quick Kicks: Beware Patriots ticket scam

If you have what you think are tickets to this weekend’s Jets-Patriots game — or any other games at Gillette this season — you’d best double check their authenticity first.


It seems dozens of fans purchased tickets to the most recent home game against Denver, and when they got to the stadium gates, the scanners wouldn't read the bar code because the tickets were fakes (a similar problem cropped up several years ago for a Colts-Patriots game at Gillette). New England's ticket office received more calls this week from fans suspicious of their Jets game tickets, and it turns out there are still some counterfeit tickets circulating.

If you purchased your Patriots tickets at the team's ticket office here at Gillette, or through Ticketmaster, you're fine. The team can guarantee those as legitimate tickets.

A common thread among all the fake tickets is that they were acquired via the Craigslist website. Another is that they have the Ticketmaster logo on them (as seen in this photo… both of these are examples of fake Patriots tickets for the Broncos game). Ticketmaster does not print their logo on any Patriots tickets. It merely sells them.

So, buyer beware. Again, if you went through the Patriots ticket office or Ticketmaster, not to worry. And if you did go through another ticketing agency, the team suggests that you make sure in advance that the ticket dealer has some sort of guarantee that can vouch for the authenticity of the tickets.

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