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Quick Kicks: Brady's latest video is "Unreal"

You don’t see Peyton Manning in as many commercials these days, but Tom Brady seems to be picking up the slack.

In his latest viral video, Brady is hawking a new candy line called "Unreal." About a month ago, Brady went to the CVS Pharmacy on Cass Avenue in Woonsocket, RI and sat in a curtained-off box. Customers were then asked by store staff to take part in a 30-second staring contest with the "mystery opponent" behind the curtain, with the promise of an Unreal Candy bar as a prize. When Brady was revealed, the actual customers' reactions were captured on tape.

According to The Providence Journal (it was A1, above-the-fold news today… I kid you not), even the store manager wasn't aware of who was coming until Brady actually walked into the store. Employees at that CVS only were made aware that a commercial was being shot in their store that day. As word-of-mouth spread the news, the store manager told the Journal that at one point, some 150 people crowded the store to watch and take part.

At the end of the shoot, the film crew had an idea to include the local police detail assigned to the set. The coppers were more than willing to make their cameos, the Journal story says, and to "cuff and stuff" Brady in the back of their cruiser.

Does the spot work? Judge for yourself…

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