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Quick Kicks: Patriots camp ends Friday

We now know that Patriots training camp 2012 will hold its final public practice this Friday, August 17. The club made that announcement earlier this morning.


That means the team will have had six consecutive days of practice. This is significant because there had been some question as to whether or not the team would hold practices this weekend, given the fact that they've been on the field every day since Sunday and the new guidelines as set forth in last year's collective bargaining agreement. So, I dove into the 301-page document to find the answer.

Turns out, according to Article 35 ("Days Off"), Section 1, governing preseason training camp practices, the CBA states:

…all players will be permitted at least one day-off every seven days…

The exception being instances when a team's preseason game schedule has them playing two games in less than a week's time, as is the case with the Patriots next week.

The CBA further states that all players shall have at least five days off during camp, which is defined as the dates between when veterans are required to report and the final weekend of preseason games. New England has already had four days off from practice since camp started in late July. Presumably, they'll be off Saturday, come back for a walkthrough session on Sunday (as is customary the day before any game), then host the Philadelphia Eagles here at Gillette Monday night.

They'll then turn around Tuesday and fly to Tampa, where they'll practice jointly with the Buccaneers next Wednesday and Thursday before facing the Bucs on Friday night. Those practices are closed to the public, but PFW will be there to cover all the action and developments for you.

Bottom line here, for you the fans, is this: if you want to catch a Patriots practice, get up close to the players, and possible get some autographs for your kids, better come today, tomorrow, or Friday, or else wait till next summer.

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