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Quick Kicks: Seau is SI cover story

Junior Seau’s tragic story is the cover of this week’s Sports Illustrated.


There is a reaction piece from the San Diego community, as well as quotes from former teammates and NFL players. Seau was known not just for his on-field excellence, but also his involvement in community works, particularly through his charitable organization which catered to youth programs. Former Rams and Bears lineback Pisa Tinoisamoa, who benefited from a Seau-led outreach effort called Gangbusters, reflected on the influence that Seau and his reach had on his life.

"That saved my life. It had people around me and help set me straight…. June was behind that. I saw him on my birthday last July, and he came in playing his ukulele and singing Happy Birthday. I didn't get to tell him personally what he meant to me, but he knew. He saw the success I had, and he was proud of me. Whenever I saw him, he would talk about how good I was. He was always positive. That's why everyone loved him. They felt they were friends with June. He had that status about him, but to us he was just a man of the people."

Seau's former Chargers teammate, LaDainian Tomlinson, lamented that he couldn't help Seau in his final days of despair.

"I feel awful that Junior didn't feel he was close enough to anybody that he could say, 'Look, something isn't right.' He didn't feel there was anybody, and we all need someone we can go to and say, 'There's something going on with me.' That's the sad thing, but that's who Junior was. He didn't want us to know he was hurting on the field, so off the field he certainly wasn't going to say anything."

The issue also contains features on the correlation between depression and football, as well as the idolization of sports figures like Seau.

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