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Report: Patriots talked to former Chargers GM Smith

According to a story, which was culled from a San Diego Union Tribune report, former Chargers GM A.J. Smith talked with the Patriots about possible employment, before eventually taking on an advisory role with the Redskins.


There was in interesting nugget in the recent story on regarding former Chargers GM A.J. Smith taking an "advisory" role with the Redskins.

According to the PFT story, which was culled from a *San Diego Union Tribune* report, Smith was at the Combine in Indianapolis last week to meet with three teams – the Chiefs, Patriots and Redskins – about possible employment. Those teams apparently were in the mix due to Smith's strong personal relationships with Kansas City head coach Andy Reid, Bill Belichick and Washington's Mike Shanahan/Dan Snyder.

The SDUT reported that Smith was in Indy to "finalize something" with one of the three teams, and actually had other job offers.

While the Rhode Island native has apparently latched on with the Redskins – where his son is also a scout – it's interesting that he even had a meeting with the Patriots. It could be simply Belichick extending a favor to a friend. It could be New England looking to add a veteran voice to the front office, especially considering earlier offseason reports that Patriots Senior Football Advisor Floyd Reese is not expected back with the team moving forward.

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