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Rob Gronkowski Conference Call Transcript - 9/12/2012

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski addresses the Arizona Cardinals media during his conference call on Wednesday, September 12, 2012.

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On what it is about the culture in New England that allows continued success over the seasons:
"We're just taking one game at a time basically. One week at a time. Obviously, we have the Arizona Cardinals coming up this week and they are a very good team and we just have to put in one practice at a time starting today. We have to go out and have a good practice, worry about our jump, worry about what we have to do out on the field and just work together as a team."

On how much he knows about the Cardinals defense:
"They are pretty solid. They have a lot of great players at a lot of positions so very good defense. Big, fast, aggressive, and they are definitely very good."

On what pops about their pass rush:
"They're big. They're fast and they know how to create matches where we have to be thinking. All the blitzes, all the pressures they put on. You just have to be aware at all times because it's not just pressure coming, it's good players coming that know how to pass rush."

On his reaction to his alma mater beating Oklahoma State last weekend:
"It's great seeing your alma mater put up a victory over a ranked team. I'm definitely supportive of Arizona and its good seeing that."

On if he thinks there is a trend in this league to look to the tight end or if it's the caliber of athletes coming out of college:
"You can go both, just people looking for tight ends more, to use them in the run game, in the passing game more and also the players coming out now. I feel like, absolutely, tight ends are more of athletes now. They can go out, run, and catch a ball and everything. It's basically overall teams are looking for tight ends and they are coming out of college now ready to go."

On if he was surprised by the level of success he had last season:
"Yes, definitely."

On what surprised him about his success:
"That was all last year. I'm just really focused on this year and how well I can do this year. It's a whole new year. Everything that happened last year doesn't matter anymore. It's a new season, a new focus, and we have the Arizona Cardinals this week and that's all I'm really worried about. I'm not worried about anything from last year."

On if the Cardinals remind him of the Steelers when they prepare for them:
"Yes, definitely. They have a couple of coaches coming from the Steelers and everything and the head coach too came from the Steelers. They kind of have a defense a little bit like that and we have to be ready because they are both good defenses."

On what specific similarities he sees between the Cardinals and the Steelers:
"It's kind of the same: same front, same base, a couple of the same blitzes. You just have to prepared for anything and everything at all times."

On how picking up Brandon Lloyd is going to help the offense:
"He's a great player and I love playing with him. He's a great teammate. Just having players like him, Wes Welker, and Aaron Hernandez around us is always good. It always benefits. You just can't look at one person at a time in our offense. You have to watch everyone because we have great players all around I think."

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