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Robert Kraft Interview Transcript

Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft comments on the team's AFC Championship win and advancing to the Super Bowl.

(On winning the AFC Championship)
"To win the game in front of your own fans . . . wow. It might not happen again in my lifetime. Well, think about it: when we bought the team, they had one home playoff game, which they lost in '78. We hosted our first AFC Championship Game - it was 37 years as a franchise - back in '96, which we won. And you're not guaranteed to host an AFC Championship Game in your home stadium. It's pretty cool. The last Super Bowl we won, I believe we won the [AFC Championship] game in Pittsburgh. So to do this in front of our own fans . . ."

(On who he thinks the Patriots will play in the Super Bowl)
"Just the fact that we're going, that's all that matters. We're excited. [The Giants and the 49ers] are two good football teams. I'm just happy we're in the game. It just shows how little things - sometimes it's hard for fans or people who aren't around the game all the time to understand just the little things that can happen that change. Who would've believed that - this guy [Billy Cundiff] is a great kicker - he [would've] missed that kick. It's a special day for the fans of the New England Patriots and we're honored to be going to this game in two weeks."

(On if he was surprised that Tom Brady said that he didn't play well)
"Well here's what he said to me. He said to me, 'I promise you I'm going to play a lot better in two weeks.' He's still pretty good in my book. I'll take him over any quarterback. I've been watching the NFL for a long time and there's no quarterback I'd rather have. He might say he [didn't play well] but we won the game. This is a heck of a locker room. What I've learned is that most games are really won or lost right from the locker room. These guys believe they can always come back and win. I know they do. And look what happened tonight. I believe we would've won in overtime if there had been an overtime, because of the mental toughness and the way these guys think."

(On the missed field goal at the end of the game)
"[There were] forces at work that's beyond anything we can understand. I'm just pretty happy and proud we're going to the big game. The support our fans have given us this year and given me personally and our whole family has been terrific. So let's hope we do some business in two weeks."

(On Vince Wilfork)
"Vince Wilfork is a man. Look how he went from playing two downs to being on the field for almost every play. And the kind of leader he is. I know that he'll speak up with Coach [Bill] Belichick or anyone in this locker room if he doesn't think we're doing the right thing to help this team win. We're so lucky to have Vince Wilfork on this team. He's really been great. And his wife, Bianca, is a full partner in that."

(On if he thought the Ravens had a touchdown late in the game)
"I'm just happy we're in the position we're in right now and that's all. There are so many little things that happen during the year, when you think about it, just the little things that can go the other way. I'm so excited that we're going to the big game. I still pinch myself thinking about it and I think of my sweetheart."

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