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Rocky vs Rocky: Mayors make friendly Super Bowl wager

The Mayors of Brockton and Philadelphia make a bet with their Rocky statues on the line.


It's Super Bowl week and it wouldn't be complete without a few friendly bets along the way. Last year there were bets between race tracks, senators and even a tennis player and a Twitter follower with Patriots fans cashing in on plenty of cool prizes. This time around, the fate of Rocky is on the line.

Philly has the Rocky Balboa statue that was commissioned to celebrate the release of Rocky III, while Brockton has the Rocky Marciano statue casted to commemorate the life of the local boxing hero who never lost a match, so it's no surprise that the gloves are off when it comes to these***two northern cities battling it out**.*

The mayor of Brockton Bill Carpenter, threw his hat in the ring and challenged mayor of Philadelphia, Jim Kenney agreed that the losing city would have to dress their beloved art in the winning team's gear.

"Of course, our statue is of the legendary heavyweight champ, and their statue is a fictional character," Mayor Carpenter said. 

Whether the statue is based on an actor or real athlete, it won't matter at the end of Sunday's game. Though most would assume, in case of a Patriots win, a Tom Brady jersey will be shipped to Philly, Mayor Carpenter has another idea. 

"I've actually decided on Danny Amendola. Everyone probably assumes we'll send Tom Brady, but Danny Amendola has been great to the city of Brockton," Mayor Carpenter said. "He's donated reading rooms to two of our elementary schools the past two years from his own personal charity. Don't forget, Amendola was cut by Philadelphia earlier in his career, so I think it would be fitting."

As for the Brockton Rocky's chances, Mayor Carpenter is feeling alright. 

"Don't forget, this is the battle of the Rockies, and Rocky Marciano hasn't lost one yet," he said. 

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