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Role reversal: players as media

Dan Klecko and Matt Chatham took over the role of reporter at Super Bowl Media Day.

Wednesday things get serious for the Super Bowl teams. Tuesday's media session held at Reliant Stadium is the last moment for the players to have fun without focusing on football.

I was talking to rookie Dan Klecko when I walked onto the stadium sideline along with hundreds of other members of the press and I asked him if he would take my recorder and interview a teammate. I offered to take his camcorder and make him a resume tape just in case he ever wants to come after my job or maybe Brian Lowe's as the host of Patriots Video News.

He gladly accepted the invitation and approached the never-serious Matt Light, who was wielding a video camera of his own and intercepted Klecko in an entertaining exchange that you had to see to appreciate, but one that I transcribed to give you some sense for it.

Dan Klecko: "How was dinner last night?"

Matt Light: "Hi. I'm Mitch Snotgrass from S-N-O-T Magazine.

Klecko: I'm Mitch Cumstein from …

Light: "No, Mitch Snotgrass from S-N-O-T. I have a few questions for you. I was looking back at the film and going over things and I was wondering, do you think the double chin is going to help you in this game?"

Klecko: "I don't know. I shaved the goatee and it exposed it a little more."

Light: "I noticed it on film on your pass rush. I see you come off, I see you make a move and then I see the double chin."

Klecko: "I see that you hide yours. And your big dome too with all that hair."

Light: "I try to do things to conceal. I don't want people to know things. I don't want to give away game plans. I don't want people to know that stuff."

Klecko: "You don't want [Mike] Rucker to see that stuff?"

Light: "Never. Never. But what can you tell me about your experiences this week?"

Klecko: "I don't know, Mitch."

I then asked Light, "What do you think of Klecko as a journalist?"

Light: "He's not good. He's got some serious faults. He majored in journalism? (Actually physical education but why let facts can in the way when you can get a funny quote? I told him it was journalism.) Well, I know where he went to school. They don't really major in a whole lot there, do they? You actually get degrees there? That's news to me. He's no good."

Klecko then went to veteran Rodney Harrison, who smiled when he saw his teammate amidst the crowd around his podium.

Klecko: "What can you say about Dan Klecko?"

Harrison: "He's a young rookie. He's only about 5-3, 190."

Klecko: (Loud laugh) "What do you think about this week bud?"

Harrison: "I'm excited. I'm looking forward to it and I'm trying to tell the young, dumb rookies not to take it for granted."

Klecko: "I hear you. Someone else told me that too."

I grabbed Matt Chatham next and gave him my recorder while taking his digital camera to get a shot of him in action for his photo album.

I asked him if he would go ask Bill Belichick a question. He hemmed and hawed. "Let's wait until after the game," he finally said.

So he went to Willie McGinest.

Chatham: "Willie, what's it going to be like going against your nemesis, Jermaine Wiggins, a guy that's been a thorn in your side over the years, someone who has caused you a lot of loss of sleep?

McGinest: "Jermaine Wiggins, East Boston's finest is what we call him. He may not look like it and looking at him, you might not think it, but he's a good athlete. He's definitely a good threat."

I jumped in next. "What do you think of Matt Chatham as a journalist?"

McGinest: "I think he's good. He's better than you."


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