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Samsonite Make Your Case: Did BountyGate just get worse?

Fans have known about the New Orleans Saints bounty program for weeks now, but some new audio shed some light on just how brazen Gregg Williams was in operating it. Does this change anything in terms of the severity of the defensive coordinator's actions?


The unfortunate BountyGate scandal in New Orleans doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon, and in fact things only seem to be getting more seedy by the week. The latest black mark on the league came this week when audio surfaced detailing Gregg Williams' instructions to his team prior to a divisional playoff game in San Francisco.

While Williams' words stung with their blunt nature and brazen tone directing his defenders to target the head and ACL of 49ers players, the question up for debate is whether this makes the whole mess any uglier. Williams has already been suspended indefinitely, and this week we wonder if the audio changes any of that.

Therefore, the Samsonite Make Your Case question this week is simply, does the audio change anything with regard to the Saints BountyGate scandal?

PFW's Erik Scalavino says ...

We knew the Saints were despicable in with their bounty program but to hear the actual words coming out of Gregg Williams' mouth made the stark reality of the whole mess even more gruesome. Targeting the head in an era where concussions and player safety are at the top of the priority list for all sports is particularly disgusting - and then Williams adds some classy comments about taking out ACLs to boot.

Of course this changes things ... it means Williams should never even be considered to return to an NFL sideline. Anyone who could have that little respect for the game and the players who participate in it should never be allowed back.

He was suspended indefinitely. Now he should be banned for life.

PFW's Andy Hart says ...

In my mind, nothing changes based on the audio released this week. Gregg Williams has already been punished - having been suspended indefinitely by the NFL - for the actions on that tape. While it may have brought even more attention and specificity to the ugly activities being led by Williams with the Saints, it really doesn't audibly add anything we didn't already know.

Maybe we look at Williams even a bit more critically as a public, but the facts of the case and the punishment handed down by the league were not altered.

The only person hurt by the release of the audio tape was the documentary filmmaker who chose to cannibalize his own career and credibility in a seemingly ill-advised decision that he tried to justify through morality but really smells more like an attention grab.

We've known for weeks that Williams ran a disgusting bounty system with New Orleans (and allegedly other teams), now we simply know the pregame language the bullying former Bills head coach used to promote that program.

Now it's the fans turn to cast their vote in this week's Samsonite Make Your Case poll.

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