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Smoot, McKinnie headed for boat party trial

MINNEAPOLIS (May 17, 2006) -- Vikings cornerback Fred Smoot and tackle Bryant McKinnie will go on trial on charges stemming from a boat-party sex scandal.

Smoot's trial is scheduled to begin May 30 while McKinnie's is slated for July 7. Both players are charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct, indecent conduct, and lewd and lascivious behavior.

Neither player appeared in court for a hearing May 17 that was expected to deal with defense motions to dismiss charges.

Last month, former Vikings running back Moe Williams was convicted of disorderly conduct in connection with the cruise. Similar charges against former Minnesota quarterback Daunte Culpepper were dismissed.

In Williams' trial, the prosecution described the Oct. 6 cruise as a raunchy party in which women on the boat changed into thong underwear and bras, gave players lap dances and, in some cases, stripped naked.

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