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Space Oddity: NASA Tweets Invite to Martellus Bennett

Martellus Bennett wore a NASA hat on Wednesday and caught the agency's attention.

Ground Control to Major Marty … or something like that.

Martellus Bennett has made it clear that he has a naturally curious mind, so it was no surprise when he showed up at his locker to talk to the press on Wednesday sporting a NASA baseball cap. What followed, however, is definitely out of this world. 

"I do like outer space," Marty told the media, according to ESPN's Mike Reiss, and apparently NASA is willing to help him learn more about all things space.

NASA caught wind of Marty's fascination, promptly tweeting at him with an offer to "space out" with the agency. The interstellar offer was too good to refuse, but first things first, Marty wanted to know if this includes sweet astronaut gear. Here's to hoping that space suits come in size "extra tall."

He also said that his own intergalatic adventure could serve as a research trip for a future project: a sci-fi adventure novel. It's said that authors write what they know, and there is only one way for Marty to get that kind of intimate knowledge of this galaxy and beyond.

Marty has made his affection for NASA crystal clear over recent weeks. He wore a different hat last week with the classic blue NASA logo.  

Whatever comes of this interaction, we're looking forward to Marty being the first New England Patriot in space. 


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