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Spielman says Vikings not trading Harvin


INDIANAPOLIS - Many Patriots fans have been excited this spring by the rumor/possibility that there might be a chance the team could trade for Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin. The former Florida star was reportedly a target of Bill Belichick's team in the draft before Minnesota swooped in to take the versatile pass catcher before New England had its chance.

The idea floating around now is that Belichick would finally get his Gator and Harvin would bring a new, athletic element to the Patriots offense.

The problem, at least according to Vikings GMRick Spielman, is that Harvin isn't available.

"We have no intent to trade Percy Harvin," Spielman told the media at the Combine after joking that he thought he might actually make it through his press conference without a question about his controversial receiver.

Harvin is in the final year of his rookie contract in Minnesota. Depending on who you believe he would like a trade either because he's unhappy with his role in the Vikings offense or because he wants a lucrative long term contract extension.

Regardless of what Harvin may or may not want, Spielman says a trade isn't in the cards. Is Spielman being honest or is he simply looking to keep Harvin's trade value high rather than let the rest of the league know he's on the trading block. That's all up to interpretation.

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