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St. Lucia Calendar Shoot - Day 4

Read about the cheerleaders’ fourth day in St. Lucia shooting their 2014 swimsuit calendar.


We got to go off-site Sunday and visit some of the top places to see on the south/exotic side of the island. We first visited the Soufriere Volcano, where we got to climb to the top and see all of the steam springs which were really cool. We then went to the Diamond Botanical Gardens and learned about the plants, fruits and spices grown there. Our last stop was the Toraille Falls, where we got to jump into the waterfall!

Sunday is the resort's busiest check-in day, so when we got back from sightseeing we greeted guests in the lobby and welcomed them to Coconut Bay as they arrived from the airport.

While the crew had four photo shoots planned for the day, the weather was against them. Aly and Camille were able to get in their morning shoots on the beach before it began to downpour! Lasondra shot in the garden while the rain let up for a bit, but we unfortunately had to postpone Alyssa's evening shoot.

Check back tomorrow to hear about Beach Olympics and Caribbean night!

View our St. Lucia photo gallery for photos from the day.

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