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Stadium yes, Access road yes

The New England Patriots cleared the last major political-support hurdle in their quest to build a new stadium Monday night when the town of Foxborough voted overwhelmingly to support plans for the $250 million structure.

More than 2,200 residents of the town gathered in the high school gymnasium, auditorium, cafeteria and an outside tent to vote on six articles concerning the proposed stadium. The most controversial article had been an access road that would be built from the stadium onto a residential street.

All six articles were passed by landslide margins, as more than 90 percent of the Foxborough residents voted in favor.

The articles that the residents of Foxborough voted on were new stadium lease terms; new stadium land swap; zoning changes (including the Access Road); a change in the signage bylaws; a new zoning map; and an easement for the stadium site.

The team is expected to break ground on the new stadium in January and hopes to open the facility for the start of the 2001 football season.

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